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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 7

    Chou maji! Ikari no Karehaan!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.03.27
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    Late at night Saki was struggling while studying English. She heard Frappi struggling in pain. When she looked at him, his ears had puffed up very big. He said the power of the "kiseki no shizuku" (ball of miracles) was too strong. Then three balls popped out of Frappi's ears. He said that they had to get some object called the "fairy carafe".

    Meanwhile, Mai saw that Choppi was struggling. She decided that she had to go discuss it with Saki and Frappi the next day.

    The next day when Mai was about to go to school, her mother said that she and Mai's father would be home that day. She asked if Mai wanted to go out to eat. Mai said that she would return as soon as possible after school.

    Meanwhile, Saki and Minori were about to leave for school. Saki was going to be late. Then Minori told Saki that they were going to have hamburg curry for dinner that night. They both loved hamburg curry. Then Saki suggested that they should help their mother cook. Minori was very happy, and made Saki promise to come home early.

    [title screen] Chou maji! Ikari no Karehaan!

    Akudaikaan was getting very mad at Karehaan. He asked about the taiyou no izumi. Karehaan said he had a special plan. Gooyaan asked when he was going to use it, and Karehaan said that he would use it that day. Akudaikaan said this was the final chance.

    At school, Saki and Mai were looking at the six colored balls. Frappi and Choppi said that they couldn't hide this many balls. They needed the fairy carafe.

    Frappi said that the fairy carafe was the only object that could return the ball of miracles into the springs. The ball of miracles was a ball that gathered the power of the fairies. It guarded the seven springs that fed the sekaiju (world tree). If they had the fairy carafe, they could return the ball of miracles to the springs, and with that power, recapture the springs.

    But Frappi and Choppi didn't know where it was hidden. Then suddenly the balls floated and started spinning around. There was a glow in the mountains. The power of the balls were showing the location of the fairy carafe.

    After school, Saki and Mai were in the forest looking for the fairy carafe. But they couldn't find it. Then Karehaan appeared. He was a lot madder than usual.

    Karehaan turned the nearby trees into a monster. This time, instead of letting the monster fight by itself, Karehaan imbedded himself into the monster, and combined with the monster.

    Saki and Mai transformed.

    When Bloom and Egret attacked, the monster sucked the power into its hands.

    [CM break]

    Bloom and Egret didn't know what to do. The monster blasted the PreCure, and they got thrown into the ground.

    The moster (Karehaan) grabbed the injured PreCure and showed them his real power. He had the power to decay all of the trees in the area. The trees around them began to decay, like a forest fire burning everything in its path. Then it spread bigger and bigger. Frappi and Choppi said that this was how their land was destroyed.

    The area of decay was headed toward the city. Bloom and Egret thought of their family. They said they would protect what's important to them.

    Then Bloom and Egret joined hands and let out an enormous blast. The moster sucked the power again, but this time it was too much. The blast broke up part of the monster.

    Then Bloom and Egret used their "precure twin stream splash" attack, and destroyed the monster. Karehaan escaped just in time. A red ball came out of the sky.

    Saki and Mai had transformed back into their normal selves. Just when they were feeling relieved, Karehaan appeared in the sky above them and came in for the kill. But just before attacking the girls, Karehaan broke up and vanished. He turned into a lot of kareha (old leaves). Frappi said that this was his "real" self.

    Then the seven balls started to float in the air, and the fairy carafe appeared out of the lake. The fairies told Saki and Mai put the balls into the carafe.

    When all seven balls were put into the carafe, it floated in the air. It created a tunnel in space, and sucked in the girls.

    The girls fell out of the sky in a barren deserted land. The fairies said that this land was the ki no izumi (spring of the trees).

    Frappi told the girls to pour the balls into the middle of the lake. The lake was barren, and didn't have any water. But after the balls got sucked into the ground, the lake started to fill up. Then the trees around the lake started growing too. The small fairies of this land came back to life.

    Then a light came out of the lake. A small girl was floating inside the light. Frappi and Choppi said that it was Queen Fiilia. Fiilia had her eyes closed. But she disappeared right away.

    Then another whole appeared in the sky. The girls were sucked into the hole, and returned to earth, near the large tree in the forest.

    Frappi and Choppi thanked Saki and Mai for saving the spring of the trees.

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