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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 8

    Daisuki! Minori to Futari no Oneechan

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.03.29
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    While the family was eating breakfast, Minori was talking a lot and not being careful about the milk. Saki cautioned her. The Minori said that she wanted to invite a lot of friends to her house and play. She asked Saki if it was ok, and Saki said it was, as she had to go to softball practice anyway. Then Minori spilled some milk on Saki.

    Akudaikaan got mad at Karehaan for getting the spring of the tree taken back. He said that the Dark Fall's goal was to get all of the springs, and create darkness forever.

    Gooyaan told Akudaikaan that he had the next one ready..

    [title screen] Daisuki! Minori to Futari no Oneechan

    After school, Mai was in Saki's room. They were looking at a sketch that Mai had drawn. Then Minori came in and brought some snacks. They ate together. Minori saw Mai's drawing and said it was very good.

    Then Minori put on Saki's softball glove and pretended to be a pitcher. Minori liked to imitate her sister. Saki told her to be careful. But when she was playing, the glove came off and went flying. The glove landed on the table, and knocked over the drinks. The juice spilled on Mai's drawing.

    Mai said that it was all right, but Saki got very mad and scolded Minori. Saki said that Minori always did this kind of thing. Then Saki said that she wouldn't play with Minori any more. That shocked Minori, and she started crying.

    Mai told Saki to forgive Minori, but Saki slapped Mai's hand away. They were speechless for second, and then Mai left.

    That night Saki was worried about Mai. Frappi said that Mai would forgive her.

    Meanwhile Mai was also worried. She thought that she had butt in too much. Choppi told her that since Mai was also a younger sister, she knew how Minori felt.

    The next day, Saki and Minori ate breakfast quietly.

    When Saki arrived in school, she looked at Mai. But she couldn't bring herself to talk to Mai. During lunch, Mai went off by herself. Mai was wondering what she should say to Saki.

    After school Minori came home, and started crying again when she recalled the words Saki said to her. Then she saw Mai's sketchbook. She ran off with Mai's book.

    When Saki got home, her father and mother came out of the house. They said that Minori had left the house without saying anything. Then Saki ran off to look for Minori. Saki's father also ran off.

    [CM break]

    Minori was waiting at the school for Mai. Mai met her at the school gate. Then they went to a park to talk. Minori asked if Mai and Saki were fighting because of her. Mai said that they weren't fighting.

    Mai said that when she was around Minori's age, she broke her brother's telescope. He scolded her a lot, and she thought that he didn't like her any more. Minori thought that Saki hated her. But Mai told Minori that Saki didn't wouldn't hate her.

    Then a burning creature appeared. He introduced himself as Moerunba. He asked Mai to give him the fairy. Just then Saki also arrived at the park.

    Then Moerunba created a monster out of a park play horse.

    Frappi told the girls to transform. They looked at each other for a second, and then transformed.

    They tried to attack, but the fairy power didn't appear. Frappi said that their feelings weren't together.

    The monster started blasting them, so Bloom and Egret ran away from the attack. While they were running, they were discussing the situation with Minori. Mai asked Saki not to scold Minori too much, because Minori loved her.

    Then the one of the blasts by the monster was headed toward Minori, who was unconscious on the ground. Bloom rushed to protect Minori. Then Bloom asked Egret to lend her power to protect Minori.

    The monster attacked again. But Bloom and Egret had joined forces and deflected the blast.

    Then they used the precure twin stream splash attack and defeated the monster. Moerunba just gave up and left.

    A blue ball appeared out of the sky. Frappi brought out the carafe, and they put the ball inside.

    Saki went to Minori. When Minori woke up she asked about the monster. Saki and Mai said that she must have been dreaming.

    Minori apologized to Saki. Then Saki said that she would play with Minori.

    Minori and Saki then apologized to Mai. Then Mai asked for one favor. She wanted Saki and Minori to pose for a sketch together.

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