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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 9

    Roudokukai wo jama shicha dame!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.04.07
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    Saki rushed to school, and arrived in the classroom just as the school bell rang. The teacher also arrived at almost the same time. Shinohara-sensei said that Saki was late, but Saki said that she made it before the teacher. The teacher said that it didn't matter, but then Saki asked the class for their opinion. All of the classmates said that Saki was "safe".


    During a break in school, Andou (one of the class representatives) came to Saki and asked her to come to school 5 minutes earlier. Saki said that she would try to run faster, but Mai pointed out that Andou wanted Saki to wake up 5 minutes earlier.

    Then Miyasako (the other class representative) asked Andou to do the daily greeting. The two representatives were supposed to take turns, but Miyasako said he was too shy and he didn't like to talk in front of people.

    [title screen]

    Akudaikaan was very mad because they still couldn't get the spring of the sun, and the PreCure had taken back the spring of the trees.

    Moerunba was dancing around and mixed in some spanish words when speaking. Gooyaan and Akudaikaan were upset at his attitude, but Moerunba said that he would go defeat the PreCure.

    When Saki and Mai were walking home from school, Frappi said he was hungry and asked Saki to give him the food right away. Saki told Frappi not to talk so loud in public. Then they went to the woods (where they wouldn't be found by anyone), and used their magic cell phones to make oshiruko (red bean paste soup with mochi) for Frappi and Choppi.

    Saki watched Frappi and Choppi eat, and was drooling as she was hungry herself.

    Saki and Mai happened to be near a library. Mai spotted Andou inside. She was reading a book to a lot of little kids.

    Saki and Mai went to look. Andou was embarassed that she had been spotted by her classmates. Then a little boy (Tomoya) went up to Andou (calling her by her first name Kayo) and asked her to read another book. But Tomoya's mother came to take him home. Tomoya started crying. But Andou talked to Tomoya and promised to read him a special story the next day.

    Andou told Saki and Mai that she started reading books to the kids as she saw the happy faces of the kids. She said that Tomoya's father had to move because of his work, and tomorrow was the last day that Tomoya could come to this library. She wanted to do something special for him.

    Mai suggested that they do a paper doll play, and Andou went with that idea. Mai drew the pictures of the animals, and Andou wrote the story overnight. She said that it was based on the true story, of her and Tomoya.

    During the breaks at school, Saki was helping out cutting out the animals that Mai had drawn. But they were running out of time. So Saki went to Miyasako and asked him to help. He didn't want to, but Saki forced herself onto him. He finally helped out when he saw how sloppy Saki was.

    Andou and Mai were watching them, and Andou said that she hoped Miyasako would have more confidence in himself.

    When school ended, Saki asked Miyasako to go to the library together. Miyasako said that he wanted to go home and study, but he finally gave in and decided to go with the girls.

    Andou and Miyasako walked to the library together, and Saki and Mai had to run an errand before going to the library.

    While they were walking, Andou explained to Miyasako why she read books to the kids. She said that she had lost confidence in herself about being the class representative. But she saw all the kids concentrating and listening when she read the book to them. It made her happy and she regained confidence in herself. Then she told Miyasako to have more confidence in himself.

    Moerunba was hovering over the city, saying he would defeat the PreCure.

    [CM break]

    At the library, Andou and Miyasako was waiting for Saki and Mai.

    Saki was late (as usual) after getting a bag from home. They tried to hurry to the library, but they got stopped at a street light. The light was red, and it stayed red for a long time. Then they saw a dark cloud appear around all of the street lights. Frappi and Choppi sensed something, and told the girls to be careful. Then one of the lights flared up, and Moerunba appeared.

    Moerunba transformed the street lights and lamps into a monster.

    At the library, the kids were getting impatient. Since they couldn't wait any longer, Andou asked Miyasako to help her. Miyasako was unsure of himself and was worried about making mistakes. But Andou said that it didn't matter, all he had to do was try his best.

    Meanwhile, Saki and Mai transformed into the PreCure, and fought the monster. The monster shot balls of fire at the girls. But the girls deflected them, and eventually defeated the monster.

    After the monster broke up, a green ball appeared. When they got the ball, they put it into the fairy carafe. They now had two balls.

    At the library, Andou and Miyasako were doing the play. Saki and Mai arrived just as the story ended.

    Saki gave Tomoya (and the other kids) some Panpakapan bread, which were shaped as a panda and cat.

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