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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 10

    Choi yaba? Umi no ue ha oosawagi!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.04.11
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    Moerunba was dancing around and playing in the dark fall. Gooyaan said that he had a lot of nerve to come face Akudaikaan after failing. But Moerunba said that he didn't fail. He said he was just checking things out. He said that he would go get the spring this time.


    In school, the teacher said that each group had to do a report about a "working person". Mai, Saki, Andou Kayo, Ohta Yuuko, and Itou Hitomi were one group, but they couldn't decide who to do the report on. One of the girls suggested that they do the report on Saki's parents, but Saki didn't want to.

    Then Mai suggested doing something related to the sea. The girls recalled that Kenta's parents ran a fishing boat shop, so they decided to do the report on Kenta's parents.

    [title screen]

    Later, the girls asked Kenta, but he refused. He said that it was only his father and mother, and it wouldn't be interesting. But all the girls begged, and he finally gave in. Kenta said that he would ask his parents.

    When Kenta got home, he asked his parents. Kenta said he would refuse the girls, but Kenta's parents were very happy. They started singing and dancing. Kenta told them that they didn't have to give them any "special" service.

    On Sunday, the girls visited Kenta's house. Kenta's father showed them around the house, and introduced his wife, while craking jokes. When Kenta's father was younger, he wanted to be a comedian. (The girls realized that there was a desire to be a comedian in Kenta's blood.)

    Mai asked if fishing was hard, and Kenta's father said that even beginners can catch fish on his boat. He said he would take them to a special location where they can catch fish for sure.

    Then they all went on the boat for a fishing trip.

    Kenta was worried about the promise his father made about being able to catch fish. But his father said that there was nothing to worry about. Kenta helped out getting the fishing gear ready, while his father drove the boat.

    The girls were taking notes on what Kenta was teaching them. Mai was drawing lots of sketeches. Frappi and Choppi were out on the boat having fun too, but Saki got seasick.

    [CM break]

    When it was time to eat, all the girls ate the food that Kenta's mother had prepared. Saki had recovered from her seasickness just by the presence of food.

    Later everyone was fishing, but nobody caught anything for 2 hours. Everyone was getting pretty bored.

    Kenta's father thought something was wrong. Then he saw some clouds forming in the distance and said that they had to return. Kenta said that they still hadn't caught anything, but Kenta's father said that the safety of their customers was the number one priority.

    When they were returning, the waves got bigger and bigger. Kenta's father said that this was the first time he saw such waves. All of the girls were down in the cabin, and most of them were getting sick. Kenta went to help his father steer the boat.

    Frappi and Choppi said that there was something strange about the waves. Saki and Mai went out onto the deck, and saw a little fire. It was Moerunba.

    Then Moerunba created a monster out of a seashell, and the girls transformed.

    The PreCure fought the monster, but they got thrown to a nearby island. There they eventually defeated the monster, and an orange ball appeared after the monster broke up.

    Then the weather returned to normal, and Kenta's father said that they could fish again.

    A couple days later at school, the girls did their report. They introduced Kenta's parents Kengo and Shizue with Mai's drawings. Saki said that they were able to catch a big fish at the very end.

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