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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 11

    Fura fura Frappi Dai Pinch!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.04.20
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    Saki was sleeping, and her alarm was set to 6:30, as she had to wake up early for softball practice. But her mother was calling her, saying it was 7:30. Saki was half asleep, saying that her alarm will go off at 6:30.. Then she realized that it was already past that time.

    When Saki got up to look at the alarm clock, she noticed that it was turned off. Frappi was in his cell phone form, and was sleeping on top of the alarm clock. Saki thought that Frappi had turned off the alarm, but he denied it. Frappi said that he wasn't feeling well.

    When Saki arrived at school, the team was practicing, and it was almost the end of practice. Saki tried to explain her lateness to Shinohara-sensei, but she made her run 10 times around the softball field.

    [title screen]

    During lunch, Saki was pigging out. She was very hungry as she didn't have time to eat breakfast. Saki told Mai about what happened in the morning. But Mai said that Saki might have turned off the alarm herself.

    Then Saki apologized to Frappi, but he was still mad. He was also feeling sick. Saki wondered if there was something she can do to make it up to him, and Choppi suggested that they all go to the ocean the next day as it was a holiday.

    Meanwhile, Moerunba was dancing in the Dark Fall. Gooyaan told him that Akudaikaan was getting very upset. But Moerunba said he was getting ready to fight for real.

    When Saki got home she was very hungry, but she noticed that Frappi was very sick. Saki then used two magical cards to help Frappi. Nigi nigi and Kyu kyu (?) appeared, and they made a large needle. The needle gave Frappi a shot, and he said that he felt better.

    Frappi said a lot had happened since coming to earth. He said it was difficult living in a land that he wasn't familiar with. Then Saki told him a story about her kindergarten days. She said she was a crybaby and didn't stop crying until her parents came to pick her up. But her mother gave her a handkerchief with a cute patch on it, and that made her feel better.

    Frappi had fallen alseep.

    [CM break]

    The next morning, Frappi woke up, and he was feeling better. He saw Saki sleeping by his bed, and he realized that Saki had nursed him all night.

    Then Saki woke up. Since Frappi was very hungry, she used the magic to make a large bowl of rice with toppings. Frappi quickly pigged out. Then Frappi asked Saki why she was so nice to him. Saki said that it was natural to be kind to someone who was still weak, and recovering from sickness.

    Saki, Mai, Frappi, and Choppi went to the beach. Frappi and Choppi were having fun playing by the water.

    The fairies saw some crabs and asked Saki what kind of animal it was. The girls explained, and Mai told him to be careful. Just then one of the crabs snapped Frappi's tail. Then the fairies saw a starfish, and was surprised that there was a star in the ocean.

    When the fairies touched the water, they said that it was cold. (It was still spring, so the water was cold.) Saki told them to go play a little farther away from the water.

    Then all of a sudden, Moerunba popped out of the water.

    He jumped to the land and captured Frappi and Choppi. He told them that he will give them peace if they told him where the spring of the Sun was. But the fairies said that the Dark Fall were destroying their land. They said that they wouldn't tell him anything.

    Moerunba said that he would let them cool their heads by swimming in the cold ocean, and tossed the fairies high into the air. At that moment, Saki rushed to the water and caught the fairies just before they hit the water. But Saki got drenched. Then Mai rushed to Saki, and they transformed together.

    Moerunba created a monster and they fought. The monster was a combination of a seashell, squid, and octopus on a small grill (just like at a restaurant). When the monster fired some charcol bullets, Moerunba thought that he had won. But the PreCure appeared out of the smoke.

    The PreCure fought and eventually destroyed the monster with their twin stream splash attack. A red ball appeared out of the sky, and it was the fourth ball that they put into the fairy carafe.

    When they got home that evening, Saki was sick with a cold. Saki's mother took care of her, and put her to bed. After Saki's mother left, Frappi came and nursed Saki all night.

    The next morning, when Saki woke up, she saw Frappi sleeping next to him. Then the alarm went off.

    Korone (Saki's cat who was also sleeping on the bed) whipped his tail, and hit the handkerchief into the alarm clock. The handkerchief hit the clock's switch, and turned off the alarm.

    Then Frappi remembered what happened the other morning. When the alarm went off, Korone had hit him (Frappi was in his cell phone form) with his tail, and knocked him on top of the alarm. Saki and Frappi realized that Korone was the one that had turned off the alarm. Then Korone snuck away.

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