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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 12

    Choppi ha chopitto homesick?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.04.29
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    At the Dark Fall, Gooyaan was thinking that Moerunba was getting a little worried because he failed many times already. But Moerunba appeared and sang cheerfully, in his normal manner. When Gooyaan questioned his attitude, Moerunba said that no matter what happens he did things in his style. Akudaikaan told Moerunba to be careful, as there wouldn't be many more chances.


    During the Art club meeting, the club captain said that the theme for next week would be "a scenery that remains in the heart". The other girls asked Mai what she was going to draw. Mai said she hadn't decided yet, and the other girls said they were all looking forward to Mai's drawings.

    Later at home, Mai was thinking about what to draw. She asked Choppi, but Choppi was just staring out the window. When Mai asked if anything was wrong, Choppi said she was tired and wanted to sleep.

    [title screen]

    Saki was struggling with her homework. Frappi hungry, and he kept bugging Saki. Saki finally used the magic to make some food for Frappi. Two new objects appeared, "ama ama" and "kira kira", and they formed an oshiruko (Japanese dessert).

    Mai went over to Saki's house, as she wasn't getting any idea for what to draw.

    Frappi was happy to see Choppi. Saki asked if Choppi was ok. Frappi also noticed something was wrong with Choppi. But Choppi said she was very genki.

    On the way home, Mai and Choppi saw a beautiful sunset over the ocean. Choppi said it was like her home, izumi no sato (land of the springs).

    That evening the Mishou family ate dinner together. Choppi was sadly watching.

    The next morning, Mai woke up and discovered that Choppi was gone!

    Mai went to Saki. They wondered if Choppi was in danger. But Frappi said that it wasn't so, as he would be able to sense danger. Then Saki said that Choppi might have run away from home. Frappi said he had an idea where Choppi might be.

    They all went to the forest with the big tree, as Frappi said that they felt at ease when they were by the tree. But they couldn't find Choppi. Then Mai blamed herself for not listening to Choppi's worries.

    They went all over the neighborhood looking for Choppi. But they couldn't find her anywhere. Then Mai recalled the sunset from the previous day.

    Meanwhile, Choppi was near the ocean by herself. She was waiting for the beautiful sunset. She was recalling the fun times in her homeworld. Then Moerunba appeared!

    [CM break]

    Choppi tried to run away from Moerunba. Meanwhile Frappi sensed that Choppi was in danger. Just as Moerunba had Choppi cornered, the girls and Frappi appeared.

    Moerunba created a monster from tar barrels and construction cones. The monster quickly grabbed Choppi, and Moerunba said that they wouldn't be able to transform without Choppi.

    Moerunba grabbed Choppi and put her inside his hands. He started burning her by creating heat in his hands. He said that he would burn her unless they told him where the taiyou no izumi (spring of the sun) was. But Choppi told them not to say anything.

    But Saki couldn't stand it any longer, and said she would tell Moerunba. Then she said that it was right behind him. When Moerunba turned around, he saw the uzaina monster. His grip on Choppi loosened a little bit, and Choppi bit his finger to escape.

    The girls transformed, and fought the monster. This time, the monster was doing better than usual. But after a while the girls defeated the monster as usual. When the monster disappeared, a purple ball came out of the sky.

    Later Mai, Saki, Frappi, Chopi were by the ocean looking at the sunset. Frappi said that there were times when he becomes homesick. But Choppi said that she was very happy. Then Mai told Choppi that she didn't have to hide her feelings. She wanted Choppi to talk to her about the true feelings. Saki said that they were all friends.

    The next day at school during the art club meeting, Mai showed her drawing to the other members. It was a drawing of the lakes and large tree of the izumi no sato (land of springs).

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