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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 13

    Atsusugi! Moerunba Dance!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.05.04
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    At school, the teacher was returning the graded tests to the students. Saki was very confident because she had studied a lot at the last minute for that test. But Mai said she was uncertain because there were a few questions that she didn't understand.

    Saki got her test back, and was very disappointed at her score of 40. The teacher said studying at the last minute doesn't help, and she should study a little bit every day.

    Saki asked Mai about her test, and Mai said she did badly as expected. But when Saki looked at Mai's test, she was shocked and yelled out loud. Mai had gotten 85.


    At home, Saki's mother scolded Saki about her test score. She reminded her of the story of the rabbit and turtle. She told Saki to study a little every day (work hard like the turtle).

    [title screen]

    When Saki was making deliveries for her mother on her bicycle, Frappi told Saki she should study every day. Saki said she was busy enjoying her youth, but Frappi said Saki was just slacking off.

    Saki and Frappi arrived at their destination. It was very old and spooky factory. They were a little scared, but went inside.

    They heard a noise inside, but couldn't find anyone. It was very spooky inside, with many glass objects all over. Finally Saki and Frappi arrived at a room, and found someone working at a furnace, making glass objects.

    Meanwhile at Dark Fall, Moerunba was still dancing around. Gooyaan brought him a message from Akudaikaan. "The Precure are too strong for someone who goes directly at their opponent like you."

    Gooyaan said Akidaikaan was already planning the next move. But Moerunba got mad and rushed to Akudaikaan. He asked for a final chance.

    Akudaikaan said his goal was absolute destruction. "Get back the spring of trees or find the location of the spring of the sun. Or else there's nowhere for you to come back."

    The next day at school, Saki told Mai about the old factory she went to deliver the bread the previous day. She wanted Mai to go with her after school.

    They both went to the factory, and Mai saw the glass figures. She was very happy to see them. Then Asuka, young woman who was making the glass figures, appeared. Saki said Asuka was a future artist.

    [CM break]

    Saki and Mai watched Asuka work. Mai asked if Asuka was going to open an art exhibit. Asuka said that was her goal, and she worked hard a little bit at a time to try to reach it.

    Just then, Moerunba appeared. He attacked them, and Asuka got knocked out.

    When the girls went outside, Moerunba created a monster out of the fire burner and glass figure. This time there were two monsters.

    Saki and Mai transformed, and the PreCure fought the monsters. They knocked out the monsters pretty easily.

    This time Moerunba fought himself. There was hand to hand combat between Moerunba and the PreCure. But the PreCure used their "twin stream splash" attack and destroyed the monsters. Moerunba also disappeared. Then yellow and pink balls appeared out of the sky.

    The girls put the two balls into the fairy carafe. There were now 7 balls.

    The girls and the fairies got taken into another world again. This time it was the barren hi no izumi (spring of the fire).

    They poured the shizuku (balls) and the spring came back to life. Queen Fiilia appeared again for a short time. She spoke a little bit, but they couldn't hear anything.

    Then they got taken back to earth, and magically appeared at the big old tree in the forest.

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