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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 14

    Nazo no Tenkousei! Michiru to Kaoru ga yattekita

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.05.12
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    "Open Sesame!" Saki was at tree trying to open the magic door to other worlds. But Frappi said that they needed the kiseki no shizuku to go to the other worlds. Choppi said that there were still many springs to get back. But Saki and Mai said they would be able to do it together.

    Saki and Mai were surprised that this tree was such an important tree. Mai said that her mother had investigated the tree in the past, and it used to be a guardian spirit for the ancient people. Saki said she had heard many sayings about the tree too.

    Mai said they first met at the tree, then they also met at the tree when she returned to this city. So this tree was something special, and their meeting was destiny.

    Then two strange girls (around the same age as Saki and Mai), suddenly appeared. They were pretty unfriendly, and made some rude comments. Then the girls disappeared as quickly as they appeared.


    Just as Saki and Mai were wondering about the two girls that they met the previous day, the teacher announced that there were new transfer students. The transfer students were Kiryuu Michiru and Kiryuu Kaoru, the two girls that Saki and Mai had met!

    [title screen]

    Meanwhile, Akudaikaan was very upset that they got the spring of fire (hi no izumi) taken back from them. But Gooyaan said he had the next agent ready. He called for Dorodoron.

    Dorodoron was like a spider who moved underground like a mole. Akudaikaan told him to find out the location of the spring of the sun, and to defeat the PreCure.

    During break time, a few girls gathered around Michiru and Kaoru and asked them a lot of questions. Where do you live? Are you sisters? What club are you going to join? But Michiru and Kaoru didn't know what the girls were talking about.

    Michiru and Kaoru went over to Saki and Mai. Since they were new and didn't know much, they asked Saki and Mai to teach them things. Saki and Mai were very happy.

    During math class, the teacher wrote an algebra question on the board and asked Michiru and Kaoru if they were already taught this. Michiru said that they weren't. But Michiru and Kaoru looked at their text book, and quickly understood how to solve the problem. Saki was amazed at how quickly they were able to learn. Mai told Saki that she should try harder herself..

    During gymn class, the girls were playing volleyball. But Michiru and Kaoru didn't know what volleyball was. They asked Saki and Mai to teach them.

    Then Michiru and Kaoru joined the girls and played extremely well. After the game, Hitomi asked Michiru and Kaoru to join the softball team with her. But Kaoru said that she didn't like to be ordered around. Then Hitomi got upset at Michiru and Kaoru's attitude and walked away.


    Later, Saki went to Hitomi to try to get her to make up with Michiru and Kaoru. Mai was with Michiru and Karou, and tried to explain Hitomi's feelings. But Michiru and Karou didn't understand the feelings of "friendship".

    When Mai was in the classroom, Choppi sensed something. Mai and Saki went outside to check things out. When they were walking outside, something moved underground. Then Dorodoron popped out of the ground.

    Saki and Mai ran away, but Dorodoron turned some flowers into a monster. Then Saki and Mai transformed, and fought the monster. Dorodoron also joined the fight. He asked the PreCure about the location of the spring of the sun.

    Then Dorodoron heard the kids in the school laughing. He said he hated people who were laughing and having fun. So he told the monster to destroy the school.

    The PreCure got upset, got stronger, and defeated the monster. When the monster got destroyed, a blue ball appeared out of the sky.

    Later during lunch time, Saki and Mai took Hitomi to talk to Michiru and Karou. They tried to eat lunch together. But Michiru and Kaoru didn't know about lunch. Saki was shocked, saying there's no way she could last the afternoon classes without eating lunch.

    Then Hitomi gave her onigiri to Michiru and Kaoru. They said it tasted good. Saki and Mai also said they would give part of their lunch to them. Then many of the other students came by to offer their food. Kenta also came holding a pot of tea.

    Meanwhile, Gooyaan reported to Akkudaikaan that Kaoru and Michiru had disappeared from their post of guarding the springs. Gooyaan was going to go find them, but Akudaikaan told him to let them be. He was interested to see what they were up to..

    After school, Saki and Mai were happy that everyone became friends with Michiru and Kaoru.

    Michiru and Kaoru spotted Dorodoron, and made fun of him for getting beat by the PreCure. Dorodoron was surprised to see them, and asked what they were doing. Michiru and Kaoru said they wanted to get more information about the PreCure. Dorodoron got upset saying he was the one who was ordered to defeat the PreCure, and told Michiru and Kaoru to go back. But they told Dorodoron to go report his failure to Akudaikaan.

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