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Softball ha Oyako no Kizuna

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Saki was running off to school early for softball practice. But her mother came after her with Saki's softball glove. Saki was lucky as she wouldn't have been able to practice without her glove.

Minori was eating breakfast, and she told her mother that she wanted to play softball too. Mother told her that she can start playing when she gets to be the age when Saki started playing. Minori was upset, but mother told her that she'll grow up fast if she eats a lot. Then Minori started eating her breakfast.


Michiru and Kaoru were watching the softball practice. They didn't understand why the girls were having fun playing softball. Then Gooyaan appeared. He asked what Michiru and Kaoru were doing. They said they were spying on the PreCure. Gooyaan told them to return to the spring, but they said they didn't want to. They said they were students at the junior high, and went off to class.

[title screen]

The softball team members (Ohta, Itou, Hyuuga) were sleeping during class. The teacher went to hit them, but they blocked the book even while they were sleeping.

After school, the softball team was practicing for the important game the next day.

Michiru and Kaoru were spying on the girls. Dorodoron came and told them not to interfere with his plans. But Michiru and Kaoru told him that he wouldn't be able to defeat the PreCure by going directly at them like Moerunba. They said that they sensed some strong power from the girls when they were playing softball (Saki) or drawing pictures (Mai). Dorodoron then said that the PreCure would get weaker if they couldn't do their activities.

Then Dorodoron threw a little piece of dirt at Saki's glove. (The piece of dirt was "living" and moving, and it looked like one of the pokemon..) Saki continued with her practice, but just when she was about to throw, the little uzaina put some magic spell on the ball. Saki's ball went totally wild, and she couldn't throw strikes at all.

On the way home, Saki was feeling very depressed. During practice, she had thrown 30 balls in a row out of the strike zone. Mai told her that her form was just the same as when she was pitching well.

Then Saki and Mai stopped by the beach, and Saki threw some more pitches. She still didn't have any control.

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During dinner, Minori was talking a lot about her friends. Saki was quietly eating, but not eating much. Saki then left the table, leaving most of her hamburg curry. Minori was shocked that her sister had left the food.

Saki went to her bed and fell asleep. She had a nightmare about pitching in the softball game, and walking every batter she faced.

Saki woke up around 1 AM, and went to the kitchen as she was feeling hungry. She saw the light on in the kitchen. Saki's mother was cooking some experimental breads.

Saki told her mother about her control problems. Saki said that this was the first time that she couldn't get her control. But mother said that it wasn't the first time. Then she reminded Saki about the time when she first started playing softball. Little Saki cried and said that she wanted to use her mother's glove. But mother said that Saki's hand was too small.

Then Saki's mother went to get her glove. She said Saki's hand was now big enough, so she suggested that Saki use her glove for the game tomorrow. Mother said that Saki should just try her best, and have fun. Saki was very happy.

The next day when Saki was running to the softball game, she was very cheerful. Frappi was surprised that Saki had become so happy. After meeting Mai at the train station, Saki told Mai that she was going to use her mother's glove.

Dorodoron was on top of the train, listening in on their conversation.

When Saki and Mai were walking toward the softball stadium, Dorodoron appeared. Saki said that she didn't have time to deal with him. Dorodoron said that he wouldn't interfere, as long as Saki used her own glove during the game. But Saki said that she would use her mother's.

Then Dorodoron released the uzaina monster that was attached to Saki's glove. The little piece of dirt grew, into one of the normal sized monsters. Saki was shocked that the monster appeared from her glove.

Saki and Mai transformed, and fought the monster. The PreCure figured out that the uzaina was the cause of Saki's pitching wildness. Dorodoron couldn't believe that the PreCure were able to fight as usual. He thought that they would be weaker, but that wasn't the case.

The PreCure defeated the monster as usual, and a green ball appeared from the sky.

Michiru and Kaoru were watching from a distance. Kaoru said that Dorodoron was too weak. But they realized that there were still some mysteries about the PreCure's power, so they had to get more information about them.

Later, Saki pitched well as usual, and their team won the softball game.

That night Saki cooked omlettes for her family. It didn't look like normal omlettes (according to Minori), but it tasted well.

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