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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 16

    Yume to Kibou to Kenta no Nayami!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.07.10
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      [The character designs in this episode were very different from the previous episodes.]

    During morning softball practice, Saki was practicing her defense. But she was making a lot of errors (although the coach was running her around a lot). Mai and Kenta were watching her.


    In class, Kenta was feeling pretty down. When Saki and Mai went to him, he tried to tell jokes but they weren't funny (as usual).

    [title screen]

    Later Saki and Mai asked Kenta why he was feeling so gloomy. Kenta said that he overheard his parents talking about him. He thought they were talking about his future, taking over the family job (a fishing boat shop).

    Saki and Mai said that his parents knew about his dream of becoming a comedian. But Kenta said his parents would just laugh at him about his dream.

    Then Mai told them her brother's dream was to become an astronaut. Kenta thought he was just joking, but Mai said that he wasn't. Mai said her brother wanted to look at the earth from outer space. Then Saki said she wanted to go ask him in person about his dream. She told Kenta to go with her.

    Michiru and Kaoru were spying on them. They overheard the conversation, but they didn't know what "dreams" were.

    Later Saki and Kenta went to Mai's house. They asked Mai's brother about his dream. They asked if there was anything else besides looking at the earth from outer space. But Kazuya said that was it.

    Kenta thought he was joking, but Kazuya said it was his real dream. He said that even if it seemed almost impossible, one shouldn't give up on dreams.

    Meanwhile at Dark Fall, Dorodoron was thinking out loud about how he should fight the PreCure. He wasn't feeling that confident. Gooyaan scolded him, and Akudaikaan appeared. Akudaikaan gave courage to Dorodoron.

    [CM break]

    The next day, Kenta was still feeling gloomy. He told Saki that he had given up on his dream, and ran off. That made Saki feel depressed too.

    Michiru and Kaoru came, and saw that Saki was feeling down.

    Dorodoron told Michiru and Kaoru that he had a dream. It was to become Akudaikaan's favorite. Michiru and Kaoru laughed. But Dorodoron told them not to interfere with his plans.

    That day, Saki had to stay after softball practice for a little extra fielding practice. The softball coach hit a lot of grounders to Saki.

    Kenta (still feeling depressed) was watching. He saw Saki trying hard. He recalled Saki's words, "Are you going to give up that easily?" Then he regained his spirits and yelled out to Saki.

    Just as Saki was going to field the last ball, Dorodoron appeared and grabbed the ball away from Saki.

    Meanwhile, Mai was still in the art room working on a drawing. Choppi sensed the evil, and told Mai about it.

    Dorodoron and the uzaina monster appeared and started attacking Saki. Saki was just trying to run away.

    Mai rushed to the softball field, and arrived just as Frappi reached Saki. So Mai and Saki transformed.

    They fought the monster. Dorodoron was stronger today, and said that he couldn't be defeated. But the Precure said that they would never give up.

    The Precure used their twin stream splash and easily defeated the monster.

    After the monster got defeated, Saki went to Kenta who was knocked out. When Kenta woke up, he told Saki that he wanted to be a comedian and he would take his first step toward his dream.

    Later that day, Kenta went to his parents (along with Mai and Saki) and told them that he had a dream of being a comedian. Then Kenta's father asked him what he was talking about. He said that he wasn't thinking of asking Kenta to take over the shop. Kenta and the girls were surprised.

    When Kenta said he overheard his parents talking, Kenta's father said that they were talking about having Kenta look over the store on Sunday when his parents went on a vacation.

    The next day at school, Kenta was trying to gather students for a comedian club.

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