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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 17

    Kowareta Haniwa! Dousuru Mai to Okaasan

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.07.11
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    Mai made a very delicious looking omlette. Saki was over at Mai's house watching, and took notes so she can cook herself. Saki said she wanted to cook as good as Mai. Then Mai said that she can cook better, as those who like to eat can usually cook well.

    Just then Mai's mother (half asleep) came from her work room carrying a lot of stuff (papers and a clay statue), and she put it on the counter. But it didn't look very balanced..

    Mai's mother noticed that Saki was there and offered to make tea. But Mai said that she would do it. Mother said that it was no problem, but as she was carrying a tray of cups, she tripped and fell (breaking the cups).


    Mai's mother said that she was working for three days straight. They had just made a discovery at an old burial ground, so she had a lot of research to do. She was trying to explain her archeology work to Saki (who looked a little bit bored).

    Meanwhile, Mai was making tea. When she said it was ready, Mai's mother got up to help. But she tripped again and dropped her cup.

    [title screen]

    Just when Saki was going home, Saki said that Mai's mother was very unique. Mai said that she was like that when she concentrates on her work. She said her bother and she helps out around the house when their mother is like that. Then Saki said that she wanted to become good at cooking like Mai, and ran off.

    Later, while Mai was doing the dishes, Choppi went over to the haniwa (ancient clay statue) that Mai's mother had put on the counter. Mai noticed her and said that the statue looked like Choppi. Just when Choppi got closer to the pile, the papers and statue moved, and fell to the floor.

    Just then Mai's mother came to the kitchen. Mai picked up the pieces of the statue, and apologized to her mother. But Mai's mother said that it was all right.

    Meanwhile at the Dark Fall, Gooyaan was calling for Dorodoron. Then he appeared from the ground. Akudaikaan asked him if the Precure was too much for him to handle. Dorodoron said that since Michiru and Kaoru were around, they were bothering him. But Gooyaan said that he was trying to blame others for his own failure. Akudaikaan said that he wanted the location of the spring of the sun right away. Then Dorodoron went off.

    The next day at school, Mai wasn't concentrating on her studies. Saki asked her why. Mai told her what happened the previous night. Choppi was feeling very sad too.

    Saki said that since Mai's mother forgave her, she shouldn't feel that saddened. But Mai said she saw her mother looking very sad, trying to put the statue back together.

    Michiru and Kaoru came by. They said that they knew someone who worked with dirt. But Mai said that it wouldn't be the same, as what she broke was her mother's feelings, not the object. When Michiru and Kaoru were saying that Mai should just forget about it, Mai shouted at them. "Don't you have something that's important to you?"

    [CM break]

    After school, Saki and Frappi went to the large tree in the forest. They prayed for Mai and Choppi to regain their spirits.

    That evening, Mai was drawing a sketch of the statue. Choppi asked Mai if there was something she can do. But Mai said she didn't know what she could do herself.

    Meanwhile, Michiru and Kaoru were thinking about Mai's words. They wondered what was important to them. They understood what was important to Akudaikaan, but they didn't know what was important to themselves.

    Meanwhile, Saki was at home cooking omlettes for her family (using Mai's cooking instructions).

    In the middle of the night, Choppi grabbed a piece of the statue. Choppi and Frappi went to the forest to look for another similar statue.

    Early morning, Choppi said she found a statue. But it turned out to be Dorodoron.

    Then Saki and Mai noticed that the fairies were gone. They went out, and they ran into the fairies in the forest. But just behind them was Dorodoron.

    Dorodoron created an uzaina monster out of the piece of dirt statue.

    Then the girls transformed, and fought the monster.

    While fighting, the girls asked why the fairies were out in the forest. Frappi said that Choppi was looking for a statue.

    Then the girls defeated the monster.

    After the girls got home, Mai's mother noticed the drawing of the statue that Mai had drawn. Saki looked at it too. They said it was great.

    Mai's mother explained that that statue was the first statue that she had found in the forest when she was a little girl. It was the object that made her get interested in archeology. But when she saw Mai's drawing, she realized that Mai was also just as moved by the statue as herself, and that made her happy.

    Then Mai's mother pulled out the statue that she had rebuilt from the broken pieces. She said that it was her job as an archeologist to rebuild the objects from pieces.

    Later Saki cooked omlettes for Mai and her mother.

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