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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 18

    Honjitsu Tokubai! Michiru to Kaoru ga Otetsudai?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.07.17
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    In the middle of the night, Michiru and Kaoru were talking about earth. They said that they were starting to like it. Then Gooyaan appeared. He said that Michiru and Kaoru were becoming too friendly with the Precure. He warned them not to forget about their duty. Then Michiru and Kaoru released an energy blast at Gooyaan. Gooyaan easily dodged it. After arguing for a bit, Michiru and Kaoru dared Gooyaan to fight them. Then Gooyaan created an energy ball in his hands.. But he didn't use it.


    At school, Saki told Hitomi that there was going to be a special sale (20% off everything) at her home (bread store) the next day, so she wouldn't be able to attend the softball practice. Mai offered to help, and Saki said that she would be happy to have her help.

    Then Saki and Mai went over to Michiru and Kaoru, and asked them to come over the next day to try some of the bread. Michiru and Kaoru said that they would.

    The next day, Panpakapan was very crowded, and everyone was busy. Minori wanted to help, but everyone told her to go away as they were too busy.

    Just then Michiru and Kaoru arrived. Saki spotted them, and signed them up (without asking for their consent) right away. Michiru wore an apron and helped in the shop. Saki made Kaoru sit outside with Minori (to keep her out of the way).

    Michiru quickly memorized all of the breads and their prices. But Saki told Michiru that the most important thing in the shop was to smile and greet the customers.

    Meanwhile, Minori told Kaoru that she wanted to help. But Kaoru said that Minori was too small to help. She told Minori that she should think about what she can do.

    Meanwhile at Dark Fall, Gooyaan was talking to Akudaikaan. He suggested that he should call Michiru and Kaoru back and have them guard the Sora no Izumi (Spring of the Sky). But Akudaikaan said that it was interesting to see what they were going to do.

    Dorodoron said he thought of a way to defeat the Precure. Gooyaan said Akudaikaan was counting on him, and Dorodoron became happy.

    [CM break]

    Minori saw an old man sitting outside of the store. She asked him what he was doing, and he said he was waiting for the store to become less crowded. Then Minori led the old man, and helped him shop in the store. Everyone praised Minori. Then Minori became very happy, and rushed to hug Kaoru.

    In the afternoon, when the store became a little less crowded, Saki, Mai, Michiru, and Kaoru took a break. Saki said she liked helping out in the store, and she said the best thing was to hear people say "thank you" to you. Mai also agreed.

    Then Michiru and Kaoru left. Saki and Mai went after them to give them some bread from the store.

    After they parted, Mai noticed the rock in the ocean moving toward them. The girls went down to the beach, and Dorodoron appeared. He turned the rock into an uzaina monster.

    The girls transformed and fought the monster. The monster was pretty weak, but Dorodoron used his spider web and caught the girls. He realized that they couldn't use their powers unless they joined hands, so he kept them separated.

    Dorodoron asked the Precure about the location of the spring of the sun. He also asked them to give him the two fairies. But the Precure refused.

    While the Precure were struggling, Michiru and Kaoru were watching from a distance. They recalled the things that Saki and Mai said to them.

    Then Dorodoron told the monster to finish off the Precure. Just when it was about to strike, Michiru and Kaoru let out small blasts to cut Dorodoron's string. The Precure recovered, and used their attack to defeat the monster.

    Dorodoron couldn't believe it, as his string should be uncuttable.

    After the battle, Mai said she sensed something when Dorodoron's string got cut. But the fairies said they didn't feel anything.

    Later (after the store closed) Minori said that she wanted to see Kaoru again. Saki's parents also said that they wanted to thank Michiru and Kaoru, so Saki said she would invite them again.

    Meanwhile, Michiru and Kaoru were feeling very confused. They couldn't understand the power of the words "thank you".

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