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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 19

    Taisetsu na mono ha nani? Saki to Mai no negaigoto

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.07.18
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    Saki's father was fixing his cooking palette, that he had been using for around 20 years. He told his kids that one should use things very carefully, and take care of them. He said there was "life" in every object.


    Dorodoron was talking to Gooyaan. He said he almost had the Precure defeated, but at the last moment, some mysterious power had helped them. Gooyaan asked Michiru and Kaoru if they knew anything about it. They said they didn't, but Gooyaan was suspicious of them. Then Michiru and Kaoru said that they would go defeat the Precure themselves. Dorodoron got upset as he said it was his duty to defeat the Precure.

    [title screen]

    After school, Saki and Mai both had to go to their club activities. Mai noticed that Saki's glove was in better condition than before. Saki said that she polished her glove after listening to her father's talk, about "life" in every object. Mai said she also believed in Saki's father's words.

    Saki said that she found some beautiful flowers, and promised to show Mai after their club activies.

    Michiru and Kaoru were watching Saki and Mai. They knew that the Precure could use their power only when their feelings were together. So all they had to do was to separate Saki and Mai's feelings.

    When Saki finished her practice, she put her glove on the bench. Just at that moment, Michiru used her power to make the glove disappear. Saki noticed her glove was gone, and tried looking for it.

    Meanwhile, Mai was drawing some scenery in her sketchbook. When she put her sketchbook down for a while to talk to her friend, Michiru used her power to make the sketchbook disappear. When Mai returned, she noticed that the sketchbook was gone.

    Saki kept retracing her steps to find her glove. Mai was also worried about her sketchbook. Then they both remembered that they had made a promise to meet each other after their club activities.

    Saki rushed to the school gate, and saw Michiru and Kaoru. She asked them if they had seen Mai. They told her that Mai had lost her sketchbook, and probably had gone home. Kaoru said that Mai must be pretty shocked to lose her sketchbook, and have Saki forget about their promise. Then Saki walked home feeling pretty sad.

    Mai was running through the school, and met Michiru and Kaoru. She told them she had a promise with Saki. But Michiru and Kaoru said that Saki had already gone home. They added that Saki had lost her glove, and that she probably had forgotten about the promise. Then Mai went home feeling pretty sad.

    Michiru and Kaoru said that if Saki and Mai's feelings weren't together, they had nothing to fear.

    At night, Saki was worried about Mai. She was trying to think about how she can apologize to her about forgetting their promise. Saki wrote her plans on a piece of paper, and put it in her pen case.

    Meanwhile, Mai felt bad about forgetting the promise with Saki. She drew a sketch of Saki and put it in her pen case.

    In the middle of the night while they were sleeping, two fairies (pika pika and kyu kyuu) came out and transformed Saki and Mai's pencases.

    [CM break]

    The next day at school, Saki met Mai at the shoe boxes. Just as they were going to talk to each other, some of Saki's softball teammates came by and dragged her away.

    Later Saki and Frappi were looking at the pencase. Frappi said he felt the power of fairies in the pencase. He said that fairies appear when one has very strong feelings, and they can make wishes come true. Frappi said that the fairies must have felt Saki's feeling from the piece of paper.

    Then the drawer of the pencase opened. Two fairies, pika pika and kyu kyu appeared. They flew around, and transformed into two cards. Then a magic pen floated out of the case

    When Saki pointed the pen at the case, a special paper appeared. Frappi told Saki to write her "wish" on the paper. He said the fairies would make it come true.

    Meanwhile, Mai was going through the same thing with Choppi. Mai also wrote a "wish" on her paper.

    Later Mai and Saki met in the school yards. They both said that they had something to say. But before they could say anything, an uzaina monster (made out of water pipes) appeared. The monster attacked, and the girls ran away.

    Michiru and Kaoru were watching. They said that Dorodoron might have a chance at defeating the Precure, as the Precure's feelings weren't together.

    Saki and Mai got cornered, and they transformed. They fought the monster, and easily defeated the monster. The Precure's powers were greater than usual. Michiru and Kaoru were surprised, as they thought that the girl's feelings weren't together.

    After the battle, Saki and Mai talked to each other. They thought that their feelings weren't together, but the fairies told them that they were. They told the girls to look at each other's "wishes". Saki and Mai both had written about each other. Saki wished that Mai's sketchbook would return, and Mai wished that Saki's glove would be found.

    Later, the girls found their lost items in their club houses.

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