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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 20

    Ame ni Utaeba Dorodoron!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.07.20
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    Saki's father bought a sketchbook for Minori, as she had to draw something for her homework. Saki offered to help, but Minori said that she wanted to draw with Mai.

    Minori called Mai, and Mai agreed to go out with her the next day.


    Akudaikaan was getting very angry. He told Dorodoron that he wouldn't have a place to return, if he didn't get back the springs.

    The next day, when Minori looked out the window, she saw it was raining. She was feeling very disappointed, but Saki said that she can go another day when the weather is better.

    [title screen]

    Meanwhile Dorodoron was in the forest feeling good, as he liked the rain (and muddy grounds).

    Mai, Saki, and Minori were nearby, and the rain had stopped. Mai said she was taking them somewhere that was more beautiful in the rain.

    It started raining again, and the girls ran into Michiru and Kaoru. Minori was very happy to see Kaoru, and ran to her. She grabbed Kaoru's hand and pulled her to go together. Michiru also went with the girls.

    Mai took everyone to a cabbage garden. Saki recognized it as Ayano's grandmother's garden. Mai said that she discovered the great spot when they had come earlier. Then Mai took everyone a little deeper into the forest, to a place with a lot of hydrangea flowers. Mai said she liked the healthy hydrangea flowers that were wet from the rain.

    Minori ran deeper into the forest, called for the others. Kaoru smiled and laughed, and went after Minori. Michiru saw Kaoru smile and was very surprised. Minori started drawing the flowers, and Mai gave her some ideas.

    A little later, it started raining again, and Frappi and Choppi sensed something.

    [CM break]

    Frappi and Choppi rushed back to Saki and Mai. Then Dorodoron appeared.

    Meanwhile, Kaoru took Minori deeper into the forest (away from Dorodoron).

    Dorodoron sucked up energy from the dirt and grew big, into a monster himself. Then the girls transformed.

    The Precure fought Dorodoron, and he was a little stronger than usual. Then he sucked more power from the dirt, and destroyed (decayed) the trees and plants around him. Choppi said that this was how he destroyed the spring of the dirt (tsuchi no izumi).

    Dorodoron captured the Precure in his web, but the girls held hands and released a greater power to escape. Then Dorodoron created a bigger monster out of the dirt. Dororodon embedded himself into the monster and fought, but the monster was too big and slow. The Precure destroyed the monster, and also Dorodoron (who returned into dirt).

    The girls had gathered seven balls in the carafe, so they were magically taken to the spring of the dirt.

    They poured the balls into the barren spring, and the spring came back to life. Then Queen Fiilia appeared again. This time they were able to hear her voice. But the Queen still couldn't hear their voice.

    The Queen thanked the Precure and fairies for recovering the three springs. She said that the sekaiju was starting the regain life. But she also said that there were going to be more hurdles in the future. Then the Queen disappeared.

    Later Michiru and Kaoru were talking at the rock in the ocean. Michiru asked Kaoru if she was starting to feel for the people of this planet (as she had protected Minori). Kaoru said that she wasn't.

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