Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 21

Yozora ni Kagayake! Hoshi no Hikari no Nakamatachi

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At Dark Fall, Akudaikaan was very angry. He asked Gooyaan why the three springs had been taken back by the Precure. Gooyaan said that Dorodoron had failed.

Then Michiru and Kaoru appeared. They said that the others had taken the Precure too lightly. Akudaikaan asked if they would be able to defeat the Precure. Michiru and Kaoru said that they had spied on them and found out how to defeat the Precure.

Michiru and Kaoru went off to fight the Precure. Kaoru asked Michiru what would happen if the power of destruction took over everything. Michiru said that everything would disappear, and there would be nothing left.


At school, Michiru and Kaoru were talking about how to defeat the Precure. They decided to take the girls somewhere where nobody would interfere, and get it over with quickly.

[title screen]

Mai was inviting friends over to her house (the observatory) at night to look at the stars. Saki and Mai invited Michiru and Kaoru, and they agreed to go.

When Michiru and Kaoru arrived at Mai's house, they met up with Saki and their classmates. They were surprised that Saki had invited so many friends.

While they were waiting in Mai's living room, Kenta was trying to tell jokes. But he just ended up arguing with Saki about his bad jokes.

Then the students went to the observatory, and Mai's father gave a short lecture about the stars before letting everyone look at the stars. While they were looking, Saki's stomach grumbled. She said she was hungry because she didn't eat anything after school.

Mai said she made some snacks, so Saki, Michiru, and Kaoru went down to the kitchen to get the food. When Mai and Saki had their backs turned against them, Michiru and Kaoru went to attack them. But just then, Mai's mother came in, and dropped a cup.

Mai's mother apologized for breaking the cup, but said, "Everything will eventually break. So while it has form (or life) one should take good care of it."

[CM break]

Mai, Saki, Michiru, and Kaoru brought the food and drinks to the observatory. They started talking about what kind of star each person was.

Michiru and Kaoru got bored and went out onto the balcony. Kaoru said that even if they didn't defeat the Precure, the world would eventually get destroyed anyway. Then Michiru wondered if there was any reason for them to defeat the Precure so quickly.

Then Saki and Mai went to them and asked them what they were doing. Michiru and Kaoru said that they didn't see any enjoyment in watching stars. But Mai said that watching the living stars was like watching living people. Saki said that everyone (including Michiru and Kaoru) were friends.

Then Mai's father came calling for Saki and Mai. The two girls left, but told Michiru and Kaoru that they would be waiting for them in the observatory.

Michiru and Kaoru had flashbacks of their days on earth. But they quickly remembered Akudaikaan, and the fact that they always worked together (and only together).

Michiru and Kaoru floated up into the air. Their power made the electricity of the city go out.

Michiru got the piece of meteorite from Mai's father, and turned it into a monster.

Saki and Mai went out to fight the monster. They saw the uzaina monster, and transformed.

The monster used meteorite attacks against the Precure. The Precure easily deflected the attacks, but some of the meteorites were getting close to Mai's house.

The Precure said that they were fighting to protect their family and friends (including Michiru and Kaoru). Michiru and Kaoru were shocked. Then the Precure destroyed the monster.

After the battle, Mai looked up into the sky, and saw two shadows flying away. Then Choppi and Frappi said that they were worried about something. In today's battle, the uzaina monster appeared, but there wasn't any member of the Dark Fall controlling it. Then Mai looked up into the sky.

Later, when all of their friends were leaving, Michiru and Kaoru returned the scarf that they had borrowed. A little leaf fell out of the scarf. Then Mai realized that the new enemy was Michiru and Kaoru.

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