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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 25

    Shoubai hanjou! Umi no ie no otetsudai

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.09.10
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    Saki was rushing to the beach. She jumped the final set of stairs, and landed on the beach. Saki thought she was "safe", but her friends said she was "out".

    Saki and her classmates were helping out Kenta's father's store (Hoshinoya) at the beach.


    At the Dark Fall, Mizu Shitataare was reporting to Goyaan that the Precure had gained some new power from the fairies from the spring of the sky. But Mizu said that they were still no match for her. Then Akudaikaan cautioned her, saying that the fairies from the land of the springs were very powerful.

    [title screen]

    It was a nice summer day, and the beach was very crowded. Hoshinoya was busy too, and Yuuko was helping out a lot.

    Meanwhile, Muupu and Fuupu were in Saki's bag in the stock room. Muupu and Fuupu wanted to go out, but Frappi and Choppi told them to stay put, since they still didn't know much about earth (land of green).

    Then Muupu and Fuupu caused the bags to fall, and the fairies made a loud noise. Saki and Mai quickly went to the stock room and scolded the fairies.

    When Saki and Mai returned to the store, they found an empty store. Everyone was sitting around feeling depressed. The reason was a new store that just opened up next door. All of the customers were lined up for that store.

    Then Saki bought some of the ice from the store next door. The ice looked normal, but it tasted very good. Then Kenta's father came up with an idea to sell double sized ice at the single sized price. All of the customers rushed back to Hoshinoya. But the store next door quickly matched the size, and took back the customers.

    Meanwhile, the fairies were eating the ice too. Muupu and Fuupu said that the taste reminded them of the spring of the water. Then they talked about how Michiru and Kaoru had saved them when they were alone on the dead spring of the sky.

    [CM break]

    While everyone was feeling dejected about losing the customers, Yuku thought about "balance". She recalled when she was little, she ate yakisoba at the ocean. Then Kenta's father started making yakisoba, and the customers came back to the store.

    Meanwhile, Mizu Shitataare (the one who was running the store next door) was getting upset at losing her customers. Then Gooyan (wearing beach fashions which made him look funny) came and told her not to forget about her duty of killing the Precure.

    Then Frappi and Choppi told Saki and Mai that Muupu and Fuupu were missing. When they went outside to look for them, Mizu came holding the two ice stealers. Saki and Mai finally realized who she was.

    Mizu used her power to blast Saki and Mai over the ocean. Then she created an ice pillar in the ocean, and created a snake-like ice monster.

    Saki and Mai were flying in the air, and saw the ice pillar. They transformed to fight the enemy.

    The Precure fought the monster, but the monster was too quick. The Precure were getting beaten. Then Mizu tossed Muupu and Fuupu, and told the monster to kill them too. The monster blasted cold wind at them, but the Precure caught the two fairies and guarded them.

    Mizu said that Michiru and Kaoru must have been very weak and cowardly to have lost to the Precure. But the Precure said that they weren't weak. They said that Michiru and Kaoru tried to stand up against their destiny. Then Mizu said that nothing can defeat the power of Dark Fall.

    Just as the Precure were getting frozen by the ice monster, Muupu and Fuupu released their power and gave the Precure the new items. The new items gave the Precure strength and speed. Then the Precure defeated the monster.

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