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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 26

    Saki ni ha naisho! Dokki doki no natsu gasshuku!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.09.25
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    The Yuunagi Junior High softball team was at a two day camp. But Saki was thinking that she will be able to meet Kaoru and Michiru again someday.

    While they were practicing, some of the girls were talking secretly among themselves. When Saki asked what was going on, they said that it was nothing. Then Saki also saw the teacher (softball coach) whispering to some of the girls.


    Meanwhile at the Dark Fall, Gooyaan was asking Mizu if she had some plan to defeat the Precure even if they had gotten some new powers. Mizu said that it was easy to just defeat the Precure. She wanted to do it in a perfect way, to satisfy herself.

    [title screen]

    At school, the girls of the softball team were cooking their dinner. Then Mai came, to help them out. She went to the teacher to ask if she could help out for the next day. The teacher said that it was ok. Then Saki came and asked what they were talking about. But the teacher and Mai said that it was nothing. Saki started to suspect that everyone was keeping something from her.

    Then Kenta came and brought some takomeshi (octopus and rice) that his mother made.

    That evening, Kenta was walking through the dark school by himself. Muupu and Fuupu had escaped from Saki's bag, and was following him. Kenta noticed something, and turned to look. He saw the two fairies floating in the air, and screamed out.

    Then he ran down the hall and met the teacher. But when the teacher turned around, she had no face. Kenta screamed out (loud enough for everyone in the school to hear), and ran away. It wasn't the teacher, but actually Mizu in disguise. Eventually Kenta made it back to the classroom.

    That night, Saki was very tired and fell asleep right away. But when she woke up in the middle of the night, she saw that all of the mats around her were empty. Saki went around to see what was going on. Frappi said that he didn't sense anything. But when Saki was walking down the hall, she saw something white go by very quickly.

    Then a little while later, Frappi said that he felt some evil forces.

    [CM break]

    When Saki was walking around, she ran into Mai. She wondered why Mai was still in the school. Saki asked about the other students, and Mai said that they were all safe in the classroom. Then the uzaina monster (made from a water faucet) appeared in the school grounds.

    Saki and Mai went out to face the monster.

    The monster caught them very easily, and Mizu was going to have the monster finish them off. But Muupu and Fuupu came floating by. Saki and Mai told them to go away, but the monster easily caught them.

    The monster started spraying water at the girls. Just when they were about to get beaten, they reached each other and joined hands. They released a large blast and got away from the monster. The blast also released Muupu and Fuupu.

    Then Muupu and Fuupu used their powers to give the PreCure the new items. With these items, they easily defeated the monster.

    The next day during lunch, when Saki went to the classroom, there was a surprise birthday party waiting for her. All of her friends, Saki's family, and Kazuya were there. Saki had forgotten that it was her birthday.

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