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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 27

    Minna daisuki! Omoide no natsumatsuri

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.10.02
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    Saki and Mai were wearing yukata and were at a summer festival. Saki was looking forward to eating the various foods of the festival. Then Muupu and Fuupu stuck their heads out of Saki's bag. Saki and Mai quickly scolded them.


    At the Dark Fall, Akudaikaan was getting mad at Mizu for failing at her duties. In addition, the PreCure had gotten new powers. Gooyaan noticed that Mizu didn't have her usual confidence. He asked what she was going to do. Then Mizu said that she would go find the location of the Spring of the Sun. She said that the Precure weren't the only ones who knew the location of the Spring of the Sun.

    [title screen]

    Saki, Mai, and their friends were having fun a the festival. Kenta was showing off his skills at catching the goldfish and the water balloon yoyos. Then Mizu came by and also showed off.

    Then Muupu and Fuupu went out of Saki's bag, and started playing around. Mizu went after the two fairies too.

    Saki and Mai split up to look for Muupu and Fuupu. When Saki was alone behind the festival tents, she ran into Kazuya. Kazuya said that he got separated from his friends. Then he told Saki that Mai always talked about Saki at home. He said she seemed very happy to be friends with her. Then Kazuya's friends came by, and he went off.

    Frappi reminded Saki that she had to go find Muupu and Fuupu.

    Muupu and Fuupu were getting tired of playing around. They floated around looking for Saki and Mai, but couldn't find them. Then they wondered off into the forest. Mizu came by and spotted them. She asked them where the Spring of the Sun was, but they said that they didn't know. When Mizu had the two fairies cornered, Muupu attacked Mizu, and told Fuupu to escape. Fuupu went off to look for Saki and Mai.

    [CM break]

    Meanwhile Saki and Mai couldn't find the two lost fairies. Then they thought of going to the large tree in the forest. When they got there, they saw Fuupu. Fuupu told everyone that Muupu was in trouble.

    Just then Mizu appeared. She was holding Muupu. She started torturing him, and said that she would give him more pain if they didn't tell her where the Spring of the Sun was. Then Saki said that she wouldn't say anything, because Mizu was holding just a stuffed doll. Then Muupu played dead. Saki took out a doll from her bag and said that it was the real Muupu. Just when Mizu let Muupu go, Muupu escaped.

    Then Mizu turned the water balloon yoyos into an uzaina monster. Saki and Mai transformed and fought the monster.

    The monster was too strong for the PreCure. But at the end, the PreCure got help from Muupu and Fuupu to defeat the monster.

    After the battle, Muupu and Fuupu apologized. Frappi and Choppi scolded them, but they quickly went off to play on their own.

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