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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 28

    Tabi da! Densha da! Daibouken!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.10.03
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    It was almost the end of summer vacation. Saki and Mai were relaxing by the big tree in the forest. Saki was hoping that the vacation would never end. But Mai said that the vacation was enjoyable because there was an ending.

    Then Saki suggested that they go somewhere on a trip to make a good memory of this summer vacation. Mai said that she never rode the local train to the very end. They decided to go on a train voyage.


    Saki ran out of the house late, as she had been making lunch for Mai. Meanwhile Mai was waiting for Saki at the train station.

    [title screen]

    In the Dark Fall, Gooyaan was worried about Mizu. He asked her if she had a good plan to defeat the PreCure. He said had he would give her advise if she wanted. But Mizu said she had her way of doing things, and didn't need Gooyaan's help.

    Saki and Mai rode the train. They spotted the large tree of the forest, and it looked very big even from a distance.

    When they got farther along the route, everyone else got off the train. Saki and Mai were the only ones on the train. Then Muupu and Fuupu came out and started playing around. When they got to a station, Muupu, Fuupu, and Frappi fell out of the train. Saki went chasing after them. Then the door closed and the train took off.. without Saki.

    Saki ran after the train, but the train kept going. Mai shouted that she would be waiting for Saki at the next station.

    Saki found out that the next train would come in one hour. Since she didn't want to wait that long, she decided to take the bus.

    When the train got to the next station, the train driver sped up instead of stopping! Mai went to the driver and asked him to stop the train. But the driver wasn't listening.

    When Saki arrived at the station, she saw an empty station. Then Choppi and Frappi both noticed that some danger was coming.

    Then the train driver revealed her true identity, as Mizu Shitataare.

    [CM break]

    The train went into a tunnel, and stopped. Mizu told Mai that she had brought her into her dimension.

    Saki was running after the train, and felt the evil in the tunnel. She went in anyway.

    Mizu made an uzaina monster out of the ice crystals hanging from the inside of a cave, and had it attack Mai.

    Saki arrived at a force field in the tunnel. But she couldn't go inside.

    Mizu asked Mai to tell her where the spring of the sun was. But Mai refused.

    Saki kept trying to break into the force field, but it was too strong. Then Saki, Frappi, Muupu, and Fuupu all tried together, and they finally broke in.

    Just when Mizu was going to attack Mai, Saki came to the rescue.

    The girls transformed, and fought the monster. With the help of Muupu and Fuupu, the Precure defeated the monster.

    Later Saki and Mai went to a park and ate lunch together.

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