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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 29

    Frappi Choppi Zettai zetsumei!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.10.04
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    It was the last day of summer vacation. Saki was over at Mai's house doing her homework. As usual, Saki had a lot of homework left to do. Mai also hadn't finished her homework. Mai said that since she was new to this town, she got caught up drawing a lot of sketches.

    Just as Saki was going to do her homework, the fairies came in, chasing each other and playing very loudly.


    Fairies were watching TV. There was a commercial for soap bubbles. Muupu and Fuupu said it reminded them of home (spring of the sky).

    [title screen]

    Meanwhile Gooyaan reported to Akudaikaan that Mizu went off to fight the Precure. Then Akudaikaan told him to also go to earth. He said that everyone was failing, and the fairies were gaining strength.

    While Saki and Mai were doing their homework, the fairies were playing outside. Frappi gave Choppi and flower, and confessed his love to her. When Frappi asked Choppi about how she felt, she said that she liked him. But she quickly added that she also liked Mai, Saki, Muupu, and Fuupu too. Frappi was very disappointed.

    Muupu and Fuupu were watching, and told Frappi not to give up. Then Frappi got upset and thought they were making fun of him. Frappi chased them and they started fighting.

    Just then, a delivery person came and gave Mai a package. Mai was surprised that she had gotten a package. When she opened it she found out that it was a package of soap.

    [CM break]

    Muupu and Fuupu found the soap, and started playing with the bubbles. But Mizu came and captured Muupu and Fuupu in the bubble.

    Then Mizu turned the soap bubbles into an uzaina monster. Saki and Mai transformed to fight the monster. The Precure were getting beaten, but when Muupu and Fuupu gave them their new powers, they defeated the monster.

    After the battle, Saki and Mai asked Muupu and Fuupu why they were playing with the soap bubbles. They said that it reminded them of home.

    Just then a hole appeared in the ground, and Gooyaan appeared. He asked about the location of the spring of the sun. When Saki and Mai refused, he blasted them. Before the blast cleared, Gooyaan captured Frappi and Choppi. Then Gooyaan made a hole and disappeared (with Frappi and Choppi).

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