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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 30

    Kyoui no chikara! Precure daihenshin!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.10.11
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    At school, Saki and Mai got scolded by the teacher for not finishing their homework. But they couldn't think of school work. They decided to go save Frappi and Choppi.


    At Dark Fall, Mizu was asking Akudaikaan why he had sent Gooyaan to earth. He said that it was because she had failed so far. He then told Mizu that Gooyaan had captured two of the fairies. Mizu got very upset, but then she came up with a plan.

    [title screen]

    Saki, Mai, Muupu, and Fuupu decided to go help Frappi and Choppi.

    At Dark Fall, Gooyaan was in his hideout. He had the two fairies in an energy ball, and kept asking them about the location of the spring of the sun. He kept torturing the fairies, but they didn't say anything.

    Saki and Mai went to the beach where Frappi and Choppi had disappeared. They looked for clues, but they couldn't find anything. Then they went to the large tree in the forest, and prayed to the tree.

    Then Mizu appeared. She said that she was just passing by, on her way to Gooyaan's place. Then she created a hole in the ground, and jumped inside. Just before the hole closed, Saki and Mai jumped in. They thought that it might be a trap, but they had no other leads.

    Mizu arrived at Gooyaan's place. Gooyaan was surprised that she knew where his hideout was. Mizu said that she had invited some guests. Just then a hole appeared in the air, and Saki and Mai fell onto the floor.

    Saki and Mai saw Frappi and Choppi in the energy ball. Gooyaan then gave them back to Saki and Mai.

    [CM break]

    Frappi and Choppi were very beaten up. They didn't have enough power to trigger the Precure transformation. Then Gooyaan captured Muupu and Fuupu. He said he would ask them for the information.

    Gooyaan said that he would finish off the Precure, and created a huge energy ball. Just then Muupu and Fuupu broke free from the energy ball. All of the fairies gathered their energy. Muupu and Fuupu gave their power to Frappi and Choppi to make them recover.

    Then Frappi and Choppi transformed into new cell phones. They told Saki and Mai to transform. Saki and Mai didn't know what to do, but the fairies said that they would lead the way. Then Saki and Mai transformed (new transformations) into Cure Bright (Saki) and Cure Windy (Mai).

    Gooyaan used part of his real powers to attack the Precure. But the Precure used their new powers to defend themselves.

    Then Gooyaan showed off more of his true powers. Then Muupu and Fuupu gave some of their powers to the Precure. They got new items again.

    The Precure's new powers (power of the light and power of the wind), easily blocked Gooyaan's attack. Then Gooyaan created his largest energy ball. The Precure combined their powers for a new dual attack, the precure spiral star splash. This attack was too strong for Gooyaan, and he escaped at the last moment.

    The Precure and the fairies all escaped just before Gooyaan's hideout was destroyed.

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