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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 32

    Muzukashi sugi! Mizu Shitataare no shukudai

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.10.13
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    The girls softball team was practicing hard. The coach gathered the girls and said that the autumn tournament was coming up, so they had to practice hard. "Never give up!"


    While the girls were running around the field, the softball coach was watering a small plant at the edge of the field. Mai spotted the coach, and wondered what she was doing.

    Meanwhile at the dark fall, Akudaikaan was very angry. "This is your final chance. Don't appear in front of me unless you find out where the spring of the sun is."

    [title screen]

    During school, all of the softball team girls were sleeping until the teacher walked in. The teacher woke them up, and asked if they had pulled an all-nighter doing the homework. Saki was shocked, as she didn't realize that she had homework. The teacher went to her, and told her to do it before the end of school.

    Saki was doing her homework during lunch. Mai was helping her. The teacher came by and told her, "Never give up!"

    Later one of their friends came by, and told them that Shinohara-sensei was looking for them. Saki and Mai went to the teacher. Then the teacher told them that she was looking for something very important, the spring of the sun. Then the teacher changed into Mizu Shitataare.

    Mizu said that she would destroy the school (and their world) if they don't give her the spring of the sun before 16:00.

    After school, there were only 30 minutes before the deadline. Saki and Mai were wondering where the spring of the sun was. The fairies didn't know either. Frappi said that Queen Fiilia hid the spring somewhere on this planet.

    [CM break]

    When softball practice started, Saki asked the teacher (Mizu) to give her one to one fielding practice. All of the other girls went running. After hitting a few balls, and talking about the spring of the sun, they decided to fight.

    The girls transformed, into Cure Bloom and Cure Eaglet. Mizu created a dragon-like water monster from all of the water in the ground.

    Mizu turned the school and the surrounding area into a desert. The Precure thought that they were no match for Mizu. But then they saw the little plant trying to survive. They thought of "never give up!" Muupu and Fuupu gave the Precure their powers, and the powered up Precure defeated the monster and Mizu.

    After the battle, Saki and Mai were looking for Shinohara-sensei. But they couldn't find her anywhere. Then they decided to go to the little plant. They found the teacher waiting for them.

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