Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 33

Kinniku zenkai Kintoreski arawaru!

  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.10.16
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A tall, golden colored guy with a lot muscles was jogging, while carrying weights. He came to Saki's bread store, and noticed the good smell of the bread. He tried a piece of the chocolate corone, and said it was delicious. Then he bought a bag of bread. When the guy was heading out of the store, Corone (Saki's cat) growled at him.


Saki and Mai put all of the balls into the fairy carafe, and they were magically taken to the spring of water (mizu no izumi). It was totally destroyed. Then Saki poured the balls into the ground, and the spring came back to life.

Then Queen Fiilia appeared. She thanked Saki and Mai for recovering the springs. There was one spring left to recover. If they could recover that spring, the tree of life would also recover, and the land of springs would come back to life. But Fiilia said that the one who destroyed the last spring was much stronger than the other agents of the Dark Fall. Fiilia told everyone to combine their powers, and never give up.

[title screen]

At Dark Fall, Gooyaan told Akudaikaan that he had been trying to convince the strongest fighter of Dark Fall to fight the Precure. He said that fighter was already on earth.

Meanwhile the golden colored guy was training in the forest.

Mai was over at Saki's house. Mai asked about Corone (the cat). Saki said they started keeping Corone around five years ago. Saki had found the kitten in the forest, and brought her home. But Saki's parents said that they couldn't keep the cat.

When Mai asked why Saki's parents had decided to keep the cat, Saki couldn't remember. Just then Saki's father came by. He explained that Corone had saved Saki from getting hurt.

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Mai was drawing a sketch of Corone. Just then Corone started getting very angry. The tall golden guy had come to the store again.

The guy introduced himself as Kintoreski. He said that his duty was to find the spring of the sun, and to recover all of the springs that the Precure had taken back. But he only wanted to fight someone very strong.

He wanted the girls to transform, but they said that they couldn't. Then Kintoreski used his magic to transport everyone to the forest. Then the girls transformed into Cure Bright and Cure Windy.

They started fighting. Kintoreski was very strong, and the Precure were no match for him. He kept asking the girls to use their full strength. Then Corone jumped in front of the Precure. When Kintoreski attacked, the girls went to protect Corone, and released their real power.

Kintoreski was satisfied, and started enjoying the battle. Then the Precure used their spiral star splash attack. Kintoreski blocked it, but the Precure released some more energy and he escaped at the last moment.

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