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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 34

    Otsukimi kai ha romance no kaori

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.10.17
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    Mai asked her parents if she could invite her friends over to have a tsukimi (looking at the moon) party.

    Meanwhile Kazuya was still outside, on the way home from school. He seemed to be worrying about something.


    When Mai talked to her friends at school, everyone was happy. They all looked forward to going to Mai's house.

    Later that day, Mai was out raking the leaves. She saw her brother come home, but he was very quiet and looked very sad.

    [title screen]

    At Dark Fall, Gooyaan was talking to Akudaikaan. He was surprised that Kintoreski couldn't defeat the Precure. But Kintoreski was just training. When Akudaikaan asked about the Precure, Kintoreski said that he would defeat the Precure.

    At school, Mai told Saki that her brother was worried about something. She asked him about it, but he didn't tell her anything.

    When Mai went to get some pampas grass, she saw Kazuya alone on the beach. She wanted to talk to him, but she didn't know how to approach him. Then Saki and Frappi started arguing, and Kazuya overheard them.

    Saki couldn't bring herself to ask Kazuya about his worries. Kazuya asked what she was doing, and she told him about her role as getting the pampas grass. Then Kazuya said that he knew a place that had a lot of pampas grass.

    Meanwhile at the Mishou home, Mai and her friends were disappointed that they couldn't see the moon (because it was cloudy).

    [CM break]

    Saki and Kazuya gathered the pampas grass. When Saki told Kazuya that eveyone of her friends had a different idea about what to do for otsukimi, Kazuya said that it was hard to organize a group of people. Then he told her about his worries. He was in charge of the upcoming school festival, but he couldn't decide on what to do, as the students in his class had so many different ideas. Then Saki said that they should do everything, as that would be more fun. That made Kazuya lighten up, and he thanked Saki for giving him an idea for resolving his problem.

    As they were about to leave, Kintoreski came by. He knocked out Kazuya, and asked Saki to show him the power of the Precure. Then Muupu and Fuupu went to get Mai.

    When Mai arrived, the girls transformed. They transformed into Cure Bright and Cure Windy.

    Then Kintoreski transformed Kazuya's bicycle and a power transformer into a monster. The Precure fought the monster. They were getting beaten, but with the aid of Muupu and Fuupu, the Precure defeated the monster.

    When Kintoreski saw the Precure's power, he felt satisfied and left.

    Later the skies cleared, and everyone was able to see the moon at the moon watching party.

    Mai noticed that Kazuya was feeling happy. She said that Saki must have helped him. Saki said she didn't do anything, but Mai said just being around Saki's smile makes everyone happy, including herself.

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