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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 36

    Nani tsukuru? Mai no nayami to Bunkasai

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.11.17
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    Mai was chosen by the art club members to design a monument for the bunkasai (school cultural festival).


    Later all her friends congratuated Mai about being chosen to design the monument. Usually it was the third year art club student who designs the monument. Mai was the first second year student chosen to do the design. But Mai was worried and didn't have confidence in herself.

    Mai's classmates also put some pressure on her (not on purpose) by allowing her not to work on the class bunkasai project.

    [title screen]

    Everyone in the class was working hard on making the props for the haunted house. Mai was outside thinking about a design for the monument. But she felt too much responsibility, and couldn't do anything.

    Saki said she understood, as she felt the same in her softball game. She said that there was a lot of time left, but Mai said there was only one week left. She said that she was making all of the art club members and her own classmates wait.

    Meanwhile at the Dark Fall, Akudaikaan was getting upset at Kintoreski. He said that Kintoreski should come up with some plan to get the information from the Precure instead of just fighting them head on.

    Mai's brother noticed that Mai was still up late at night. Mai said that she still hadn't come up with a good design for the monument.

    Kenta and Miyasako were at school early practicing their comedy. They saw Mai walking to school. They called out for her, but she didn't respond. Later Kenta told Saki about Mai.

    Mai was by herself thinking about the design. Saki came by (wearing a pumpkin head mask) and tried to cheer her up. Saki told Mai to not think about being the reprsentative of the school, and just enjoy herself.

    That evening an idea came to Mai, and she finished the design.

    [CM break]

    The next day, Mai showed the design of the monument to her class. They all loved it.

    Later the art club members made blueprints for the statue, and they all went to work on building the monument.

    Later while Mai was working on the monument, a pumpkin head popped out of the bushes. It was Kintoreski. He threw the pumpkin, and hit the monument that Mai was working on.

    Saki arrived and saw the broken statue. The girls got mad, and transformed. Then Kintoreski created an uzaina monster out of some tools.

    The Precure fought the monster in the forest. After warming up against the monster, the Precure fought Kintoreski. They were getting beaten, but with Muupu and Fuupu's help, they defeated the monster (as Kintoreski escaped just in time).

    Later Mai finished building the monument.

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