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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 37

    Minna nakamada! Ashita ni jump!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.11.19
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    It was the day of the bunkasai, and Saki was running to school late. All of Saki's classmates were working on finishing the haunted house.


    Kenta and Miyasako saw the time table for the stage performances. They were the last act of the day. Kenta was looking forward to it, but Miyasako saw how large the gymnasium was and started getting nervous.

    [title screen]

    Meanwhile Kintoreski and Gooyaan were training at the beach. Gooyaan didn't believe that training would help them beat the Precure. He said they had to come up with a plan. But Kintoreski said that they just needed to train harder.

    The bunkasai was just about to start, but the class was missing some parts to finishing the haunted house. Meanwhile, Miyasako told Kenta that he couldn't do the comedy act, and ran out.

    The haunted house opened, and some little boys and a pair of girls came in. Instead of finding the house scary, the little boys thought that the props were funny. But the two girls were easily frightened by the simple props.

    The class decided to take a break and reopen the haunted house later.

    [CM break]

    Kenta cornered Miyasako and asked why he wouldn't do the act. Miyasako said that he didn't tell his family about doing the comedy act, so he was scared that they would see him fail.

    Mai said that she understood how he felt, as she also felt the same about designing the monument. But she said the Saki and all her friends gave her support, so she was able to do it. Then Miyasako said that he would try his best,

    Just when everyone went off to get ready for the haunted house, Kintoreski came by. He created a monster out of some musical instruments.

    Saki and Mai transformed into Cure Bright and Cure Windy. Kintoreski fought the Precure himself, instead of letting the monster fight them. The Precure were getting beaten, but Muupu and Fuupu appeared and gave them some powers.

    The Precure used their spiral star splash attack to defeat the monster, and Kintoreski retreated again.

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