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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 38

    Idol tanjou Hyuuga Saki! tte maji!?

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.12.18
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    Saki, Mai, and their classmates were running to the beach. They arrived at the location of a drama shooting. There were already a lot of other people watching.

    They saw Mr. Kizaki, who had scouted some major idols. Kenta and Miyasako also arrived, and Kenta said that he wanted to be scouted by Mr. Kizaki.


    After the shooting finished, Kenta was looking for Mr. Kizaki. But then, Mr. Kizaki came up to the group. He asked, "Can you come to my office sometime?" Kenta thought Mr. Kizaki was talking to him, and became very happy. But actually, Mr. Kizaki was talking to Saki. Everyone was very surprised.

    [title screen]

    When Saki got home, Minori ran to her and hugged her. She asked if Saki was going to become an actress. Saki was surprised. Then Saki's father said that one of their customers had told them what had happened at the beach.

    Saki's parents told her to think carefully about her future. Minori said that she didn't want Saki to go far away.. but she did want to see her on TV.

    Muupu and Fuupu were saying that they wanted to see Saki on TV. But Frappi said that if Saki went away, Saki and Mai would be separated, and they couldn't transform into the PreCure any more.

    Meanwhile, Choppi was also worried about Saki going away.

    At Dark Fall, Akudaikaan called for Kintoreski. He asked why Kintoreski hasn't defeated the PreCure yet. Kintoreski said that he was training the PreCure. The PreCure were getting stronger with each battle, and they would be an even match for him pretty soon. Kintoreski said that he would defeat them at that time. Then Akudaikaan said that he couldn't wait forever.

    The next day at school, everyone gathered around Saki as they all heard about her getting scouted. Then Hitomi came up and organized a signing session for Saki.

    When Mai asked if Saki had made a decision, Saki said that she hadn't.

    Later Kintoreski went to Panpakapan to buy a lot of chocolate corone. The store was much more crowded than usual. He asked Saki's father what was up. Saki's father told him about Saki being scouted.

    When Kintoreski found out that Saki might go far away, he got very upset. He thought that she was trying to escape from him.

    [CM break

    At school, a lot of students had gathered around the softball field to watch Saki practice. Mai was watching from distance. She still didn't get a chance to talk to Saki. But she told Choppi that if Saki really wanted to go she wouldn't try to stop her.

    After practice, Mai was waiting for Saki. Saki came running, followed by a large crowd of students. Saki pulled Mai, and they started running away together.

    They finally escaped by hiding in a train.

    Saki and Mai were talking. Mai said that she would cheer for Saki. But Saki said that she had already made her decision. Just then the train shook.

    They saw Kintoreski behind them pushing the train. He pushed the train to the train garage. Kintoreski said that he wouldn't let them escape. Then he turned the train tracks into a monster.

    Saki and Mai transformed into Cure Bloom and Cure Egret, and fought the monster. Kintoreski told the monster to train them hard.

    With the help of Muupu and Fuupu, the PreCure defeated the monster.

    After the battle Saki told Mai that she wouldn't leave this town to become a star.

    Later, Saki and her mother went to Mr. Kizaki and apologized. Then Mr. Kizaki said that he wanted to display the two fluffy dolls in the room of the main heroine..

    So it was actually Muupu and Fuupu that had been scouted!

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