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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 40

    Urusa-i! Kintoreski to tanjoubi

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2006.12.31
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    Saki was at Mai's house looking at the pictures that Mai drew when she was little. Saki was surprised at how good Mai was. Then Kazuya came by. He told Mai to go get some photos of when she was little to show to Saki.

    When Mai left, Kazuya and Mai's mother asked Saki for a favor. They were planning a birthday party for Mai, so they wanted Saki to invite her friends. Saki said she would gladly help out.


    At Dark Fall, Akudaikaan was mad at Kintoreski. Kintoreski said that the next battle would be the final battle between him and the PreCure.

    [title screen]

    At school, Saki talked to all her friends about Mai's birthday party.

    On the way home, Saki and Mai were walking home together. Saki was thinking about something. Mai asked her what she was thinking about. Then Saki asked Mai what she wanted.. But she quickly changed the question and asked Mai what she liked. Mai said that she liked to draw.

    Then Mai and Saki went to the beach, and Mai told Saki about why she started drawing when she was little. Since Mai's parents were both busy, Mai was always asleep when they came home from work. So Mai decided to draw pictures for her parents and leave it on the table, as if they were letters.

    That evening Saki was drawing a picture. Frappi said that it was a nice picture of an egg plant. Then Saki said that it was a picture of Mai. Saki said that she was drawing it as a present for Mai. All of the fairies were shocked, at how bad Saki's picture was.

    Then Minori came (as she had been woken up by the noise) and looked at Saki's drawing. She saw right away that it was a picture of Mai. The fairies were shocked that Minori recognized the drawing as Mai. Minori said that Mai had told her that one should look very closely at what you wanted to draw.

    The next day at school, Saki was staring at Mai's face, making her feel a little uncomfortable. After staring at Mai the whole day, Saki said that she had memorized Mai's characteristics.

    Later Saki was drawing a picture of Mai near the large tree in the forest. Then Kintoreski came by. He said that he wasn't going to fight them there. Then he saw the drawing that Saki was drawing. He asked what the object was, and Saki said that it was Mai. Kintoreski was shocked. He said that it didn't look like a person at all. He said all the bodily proportions were way off. Then Kintoreski left, saying that he would defeat them the next day.

    That evening, Saki was working hard to draw a picture of Mai.

    The next morning, Saki was still trying to finish up the picture of Mai. Then Minori came by, saying a large man gave her a letter for Saki. It was a letter of challenge from Kintoreski.

    Saki quickly ran off, and she met Mai on the street. Mai had also received a letter from Kintoreski.

    [CM break]

    Saki and Mai went to the beach, where Kintoreski was waiting. He said that he would give them the last ball of miracles if they could defeat him. Frappi warned the girls that Kintoreski was much stronger than usual. Then the girls transformed, into Cure Bright and Cure Windy.

    Kintoreski powered up, and fought the PreCure.

    Kintoreski said that he could easily destroy the land of green (earth), if the PreCure didn't fight him. Then the PreCure got some power from Muupu and Fuupu, and fought hard. Kintoreski was enjoying the battle.

    At the end, the PreCure used the spiral star splash to defeat Kintoreski. While he was dying, Kintoreski said that he enjoyed the battle, and gave the PreCure the final ball of miracles.

    Later Mai's friends came over to Mai's house and gave Mai a surprise birthday party.

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