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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 41

    Oujo ga abunai! Ubawareta carafe!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.01.03
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    Everyone was in the forest counting the balls of miracles. They had gathered all seven, so they headed to the kin no izumi (spring of gold).


    Akudaikaan was very upset that all of his underlings had failed. He asked Gooyaan why the PreCure had become so strong. Gooyaan said that he had a plan to defeat the PreCure. He said the plan was "recycle".

    [title screen]

    When the girls put all of the balls into the fairy carafe, they were magically brought to the spring of gold. Then everyone poured the balls into the barren spring, and it was magically brought back to life.

    Then Fiilia appeared (floating in the middle of the spring). She floated over to everyone. She thanked the fairies and the girls for recovering the springs.

    Mai asked Fiilia if they would be able to meet Michiru and Kaoru again. Fiilia said that she couldn't see everything, but she was able to feel the energy of life of Michiru and Kaoru. But they were in a place where the light couldn't reach.. the Dark Fall.

    Fiilia said that they had to make the sekaiju recover. They needed the seven springs and Fiilia's power to make the sekaiju recover.

    Then Fiilia used her power to get the energy from all of the springs. The energy gathered into the fairy carafe. Fiilia told Saki and Mai to pour the energy into the spring of the sun. They said that they didn't know where it was. Choppi said that they couldn't find it on earth.

    Just when she was going to say where the spring was, Fiilia noticed Gooyaan hiding nearby. When Gooyaan came out, Saki and Mai transformed, into Cure Bright and Cure Windy.

    Gooyaan made an energy ball and was going to attack. But he changed course at the last moment and went to steal the fairy carafe. Then he put a black ball (a ball of destruction) into the carafe. He also put some leaves (kareha) into the carafe.

    When Gooyaan shook the carafe and poured out the liquid, Karehaan appeared!

    [CM break]

    Gooyaan said that he had recycled the leaves. Karehaan looked the same as before, except for a small mark (in the shape of Gooyaan) on his chest.

    Then Gooyaan shook the carafe again, and Moerunba appeared. Moerunba had a Gooyaan mark in his hair.

    Karehaan and Moerunba just kept arguing. They started fighting, but Gooyaan told them to take revenge on the PreCure. Then Karehaan and Moerunba attacked.

    Fiilia went toward Gooyaan to get the carafe back, but he blasted her. Then the PreCure got mad and powered up. But Gooyaan escaped.

    Karehaan and Moerunba attacked the PreCure. The PreCure used their spiral star splash, but Karehaan and Moerunba just blocked it away.

    Just when they were going to finish off the PreCure, they started fighting with each other. Then Gooyaan came back and pulled them away.

    Meanwhile Michiru and Kaoru were sleeping at the bottom of the ocean of the Dark Fall.

    Fiilia recovered from the blast. She told everyone not to give up. Then she told everyone to go to the land of green (earth).

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