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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 42

    Okaerinasai! Michiru to Kaoru!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.01.16
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    Fiilia said that they had go to the land of green (earth) to protect the spring of the sun (taiyou no izumi). They didn't have the carafe, so there was no way to make the special tunnel between the worlds. But Fiilia said that she would try.

    Fiilia created an energy ball, and it opened a magical path to earth. Saki, Mai, and the faries popped out of the large tree in the forest. Then everyone looked for Fiilia, but she was nowhere in sight.


    At Dark Fall, Gooyaan was in new hideout that he had rebuilt after it had been destroyed by the PreCure.

    [title screen]

    Saki, Mai, and the faries were in the forest wondering where Fiilia was.

    That evening, Saki was with the fairies thinking how they can search for Fiilia the next day. Then Corone came into the room. He stood up on Saki's bed, and started talking in human language!

    Gooyaan was with all of the resurrected fighters. He said that his plan had worked well. But then Akudaikaan asked if he had captured Fiilia. When Gooyan said that he didn't Akudaikaan got mad. Akudaikaan told everyone to go defeat the PreCure and capture Fiilia.

    Later Corone was talking to Saki and Mai in the forest. Then Fiilia's spirit appeared from inside Corone. She said that she didn't have enough energy left, so she was hiding inside Corone's body. Fiilia said that she needed the carafe to return to her normal body.

    Then Karehaan and Dorodoron appeared. They asked about Fiilia. While Karehaan and Dorodoron were arguing, Saki and Mai transformed into Cure Bloom and Cure Egret.

    They fought, but Karehaan and Dorodoron were too strong. Fiilia said that the power from the carafe was making the Dark Fall fighters stronger.

    Corone wanted to go help the PreCure, but Fiilia told him to stop.

    [CM break]

    Meanwhile Gooyaan was drinking tea in his hideout, thinking that the PreCure would finally be finished off.

    Fiilia gathered the power from Muupu and Fuupu and all the living things on earth. She sent the energy to the carafe (which was in Gooyaan's hideout). The carafe turned over, and two little energy balls rolled out of the carafe. Fiilia tried to send the balls to Michiru and Kaoru, who were at the bottom of the Dark Fall ocean.

    Meanwhile the PreCure were getting beaten.

    Fiilia kept sending her energy to the Dark Fall. Michiru and Kaoru woke up and sensed what was going on. But they still didn't have enough power to move. Then Fiilia used the last of her power to make the energy balls reach Michiru and Kaoru.

    There was a blast of energy, and Gooyaan was shocked to see Michiru and Kaoru floating away.

    Just when Karehaan and Dorodoron blasted the PreCure to finish them off, Michiru and Kaoru arrived and deflected the blast. Michiru and Kaoru argued with Karehaan and Dorodoron.

    Then Karehaan blasted Michiru and Kaoru. But they deflected his blast. Michiru and Kaoru created an energy ball, and blasted Karehaan. Karehaan couldn't deflect it, and the blast cleared the little Gooyaan mark on his body.

    Then the PreCure used their spiral heart splash attack and destroyed Karehaan. Dorodoron chickened out and escaped just in time.

    After the battle, Mai started crying. Michiru and Kaoru were surprised. Then Saki and Mai explained that they also cried when they were happy.

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