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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 43

    Yume janai! Minna no iru ichinichi

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.01.17
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    Recap: Michiru and Kaoru had returned.


    Michiru and Kaoru were at Saki's store. They were talking about the battle, but they didn't know why they had recovered. Then Corone came by, and Fiilia explained that it was the power of friendship bonding. She said that it was stronger than the power of the fairies or the power of destruction.

    Just then Minori came by. She recognized Kaoru right away. Saki wondered what was going on. (Minori and everyone else's memories of Michiru and Kaoru had been wiped away when they died.)

    [title screen]

    Akudaikaan was very upset that his fighters hadn't captured Fiilia. Gooyaan explained that Michiru and Kaoru had returned to help the PreCure. But he assured Akudaikaan that Kintoreski and Moerunba would do the job.

    At school, everyone at school didn't miss Michiru and Kaoru at all. It was just as if they had been at the school the whole time.

    Later, Michiru and Kaoru went over to Saki's house to study. But on the way home, they ran into Kintoreski and Moerunba. They started fighting.

    Corone sensed that Michiru and Kaoru were in danger.

    [CM break]

    Michiru and Kaoru were getting beaten by Kintoreski and Moerunba. But they weren't fighting back. They were just defending themselves. Just as they got captured by Kintoreski, they fought back. But Kintoreski and Moerunba were too strong.

    Just as Kintoreski was going to finish off the girls, Saki and Mai arrived. They transformed into Cure Bright and Cure Windy.

    The PreCure tried to fight, but Kintoreski and Moerunba were too strong. Then Michiru and Kaoru (even though they were badly beaten too) tried to protect the PreCure.

    All the girls worked together to deflect Moerunba's fire attack. Kintoreski sensed that something was wrong and told Moerunba to retreat. But Moerunba said that he could defeat them by himself. Then Michiru and Kaoru blasted Moerunba, and his little Gooyaan mark got destroyed. Then the PreCure used their spiral star splash attack to kill Moerunba.

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