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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 44

    Futari ga kieru? Kurushimi no Michiru to Kaoru

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.01.30
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    Saki, Mai, Minori, Michiru, and Kaoru were on a bus to the zoo. Minori was feeling very happy. But Mai noticed that Michiru and Kaoru were looking worried about something.


    Mizu and Dorodoron were also at the zoo, plotting to defeat the PreCure. Mizu told Dorodoron not to get in her way.

    [title screen]

    Minori said she wanted to draw pictures of the monkeys.

    Minoru and Kaoru were worried about their own being. They wanted to stay with Saki and Mai on earth. But they also felt guilty of fighting against their creator, Akudaikaan.

    Also there was a chance that they might disappear if the PreCure destroyed the Dark Fall. Fiilia told them that she didn't know what would happen either. But she told them to be true to their own feelings.

    Then Mizu and Dorodoron appeared.

    [CM break]

    Mizu attacked, and Saki and Mai transformed into Cure Bright and Cure Windy.

    When Dorodoron attacked, Michiru and Kaoru attacked him. They said that they would take care of him. But he was too strong for them.

    Mizu and Dorodoron told Michiru and Kaoru that they would disappear if something happened to the Dark Fall. The PreCure heard this and they couldn't fight Mizu and Dorodoron at full strength.

    Michiru and Kaoru saw that the PreCure weren't fighting all out. The PreCure said that they didn't want to be separated from Michiru and Kaoru any more. Then Michiru and Kaoru decided that they would try to change their destiny. They wanted to believe in the strength of the PreCure.

    Michiru and Kaoru attacked giant Dorodoron. His Gooyaan mark fell off, and he reverted to normal size. Then the PreCure destroyed him.

    Mizu left.

    [ED] The ending was live action! It had a Crayon Shin-chan and PreCure kigurumi dancing the ending dance.

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