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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 45

    Cake to Kazuya to Christmas!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.01.31
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    Saki was making something in the kitchen by herself. Then she yelled out, "Finished!" Just then her mother came by and asked what she had made. But Saki just said that it was nothing.


    Mai, Michiru, and Kaoru came to Saki's store to help out during the busy Christmas Eve. Minori asked where the other classmates were. Saki and Mai said that Kenta and Miyasako were doing some of their comedy skits again, and the softball team girls went to watch them. But they will come later that evening for the Christmas party.

    Just then Saki said that she had a favor to ask..

    [title screen]

    Saki asked everyone to wear santa outfits.

    Later when Saki and Mai were feeding Frappi and Choppi, Saki asked if Kazuya was going to come to the party. But Mai said that her brother was going to a party with his classmates.

    Meanwhile at the Dark Fall, Gooyaan was scolding Kintoreski and Mizu. Then Kintoreski and Mizu started arguing. Gooyaan said that the one who defeats the PreCure would get the title of strongest fighter in Dark Fall. Both Kintoreski and Mizu said that they would get it.

    Just when Saki was feeling disappointed that Kazuya wasn't coming, Kazuya and a female classmate came into the store. Saki hid in the back and watched them.

    After they bought some cake and left, Saki walked back to her bed. The fairies came out and noticed that she was feeling depressed. They started talking, and Frappi told them that Kazuya had come to the store with his girl friend. They kept talking and Saki got very upset.

    Michiru and Kaoru wanted to cheer up Saki, but they didn't know what to do.

    Meanwhile, Kintoreski and Mizu were near the store, dressed in santa outfits.

    [CM break]

    Kintoreski and Mizu came to the store. Mai, Michiru, and Kaoru went to them. Then Saki walked by. She was very depressed and didn't feel like fighting. But Mizu attacked them with a blizzard attack.

    Saki and Mai transformed into Cure Bloom and Cure Egret. Then they started fighting.

    After Kintoreski hit them, Bloom recalled seeing Kazuya earlier and started to give up hope. But Michiru, Kaoru, and Egret told her that she was the one who always said never give up.

    Then at the last moment, Bloom decided to fight, and they all defeated Kintoreski and Mizu.

    Later that evening Kazuya came over to Saki's house. He said he was at a party with his classmates, but he snuck out. He told Saki that he had come earlier, but Saki and Mai were working in the back. Kazuya said that his friend would come buy more bread the next day with her boy friend.

    Saki felt very relieved that the girl she saw wasn't Kazuya's girl friend. Then Kazuya gave Saki a Christmas present. Then Saki gave Kazuya the cake that she had made. Kazuya was very happy, and said that he would like to eat Saki's cake the next year too.

    Later Michiru and Kaoru were by themselves, and they were thinking that it might be their turn to "disappear" like the other Dark Fall fighters.

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