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  • Futari ha PreCure Splash Star episode 46

    Hangeki! Akudaikaan kyoui no chikara!

    • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 2007.02.01
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    Michiru and Kaoru had decided to go fight Akudaikaan.


    Michiru and Kaoru went over to Saki's house. Minori showed them the picture that she drew of them from the Christmas party. She made them promise to go somewhere again to draw pictures.

    Saki and Mai noticed that something was wrong. They sensed that Michiru and Kaoru probably wanted to say something.

    [title screen]

    Later Michiru and Kaoru were planning to go to Dark Fall. But Saki and Mai came. They asked them why they didn't say anything. They argued. Michiru and Kaoru said that it was best for them to go to Dark Fall by themselves to get the carafe. But Mai said that she didn't want to lose Michiru and Kaoru again. Saki suggested that they all go together.

    Then Michiru and Kaoru created a hole, and they all went to Dark Fall.

    They walked through the cave, and easily spotted the carafe. But when they walked closer, Gooyaan came out of the ground. He took he carafe, and then Akudaikaan appeared.

    Akudaikaan blasted Michiru and Kaoru. Then Saki and Mai transformed into Cure Bright and Cure Windy.

    [CM break]

    Akudaikaan blasted the PreCure, and they started fighting. Gooyaan was surprised at PreCure's power, but he was still sure that they were no match for Akudaikaan.

    Michiru and Kaoru argued with Akudaikaan, saying that he had given them "life" and the power of life was great. But Akudaikaan said that "nothingness" was the ultimate goal.

    Akudaikaan attacked again, and everyone ran out of Akudaikaan's hide out. Akudaikaan powered up. He destroyed his own hideout, and increased his size.

    The PreCure and Michiru and Kaoru fought Akudaikaan outside. The four girls fought together, but they were still no match for Akudaikaan.

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