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Aono Takeshi CDs

Some of the CDs that Takeshi has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Takeshi has not released any solo CDs.

Miscellaneous CDs

Takeshi appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1991.07.??Shuueisha CD book Den'ei Shoujo Video Girl AiTalk
1993.01.21The Future-Retro Hero Story act 1 (KICA-7001-7002)Talk
1993.03.24The Future-Retro Hero Story (KICA-7005)Talk
1994.12.00Rurouni Kenshin CD Book 1 (SCD-111)Talk
1995.03.00Rurouni Kenshin CD Book 2 (SCD-117)Talk
1995.03.08Rockman Kiki Ippatsu DramaTalk
1995.04.21GS Mikami Report 1 (KICA-239)Talk
1995.12.16Seiyuu Daisuki 3 (MRCA-20080)Talk
1996.06.28Mujintou MonogatariTalk
1998.02.05Guy Brave radio drama CD vol 1 (AZCV-2001)Talk
1998.02.21Kyuuketsuki Miyu Special Drama 1 (VICL-60120)Talk
1998.03.05Guy Brave radio drama CD vol 2 (AZCV-2002)Talk
1998.04.05Guy Brave radio drama CD vol 3 (AZCV-2003)Talk
2007.04.25Drama CD CLANNAD vol 1 Furukawa Nagisa (FCCP-0024)Talk
2007.06.22Drama CD CLANNAD vol 3 Ibuki Fuuko (FCCP-0026)Talk

CD Singles

Takeshi has not appeared in any CD singles.
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