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Araki Kae CDs (miscellaneous)

Kae appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

1994.10.01Seirei Tsukai Mega D Style (SRCL-3009)Talk
1995.12.21Gun Smith Cats Volume OneSong/Talk
1996.06.01Gun Smith Cats Volume 2 Growing Up (VPCG-84278)Talk/Song
1996.06.21Susume! Super Angels! sono 1Talk
1996.08.01Gun Smith Cats Volume 4 Cross Counter (VPCG-84297)Talk
1996.08.21Susume! Super Angels! sono 2Talk
1996.09.01Gun Smith Cats Volume 5 Rally & Company (VPCG-84298)Talk
1996.09.21Seikimatsu Darling II (MMCM-2603)Talk
1996.10.01Gun Smith Cats Volume 6 The Showdown (VPCG-84299)Talk
1996.12.01Gun Smith Cats Vocal Best Collection (VPCG-84620)Song
1996.12.21Alice in Cyberland Game Soundtrack (WPC6-8247)Song
1996.12.21Voogie's Angel SR Kikuchi Shiho no Super Radio 1 (NACL-1261)Talk
1996.??.??Gun Smith Cats Volume 1 Trigger Happy (VPCG-84277)Talk
1996.??.??Gun Smith Cats Volume 3 Zack the Ghost (VPCG-84279)Song/Talk
1997.01.25Alice in Cyberland radio drama vol 1Talk
1997.02.25Alice in Cyberland radio drama vol 2Song/Talk
1997.03.25Alice in Cyberland radio drama vol 3Song/Talk
1997.09.01Next King -Koi no Sennen Oukoku- Gaiden (SRCL-4031)Talk
1997.12.20Susume! Super Angels! sono 5Talk
2000.12.16Hand Maid May Drama CD Senshuu Meippai Gekan (VICL-60676)Talk