'96 The Seiyuu 250 - Young Star

Tokyo News Tsuushinsha (東京ニュース通信社)
900 yen
released 1996.04.10
size A5
200 pages

The cover has a picture of Sakurai Tomo.

This is a special book put out by TV Guide. It is a guide to 250 young seiyuu with a black and white picture, some personal information, and some role information for each seiyuu. There is a half page per seiyuu.

This is a good basic guide to most of the currently popular seiyuu.

The first 5 pages are color, and features Sakurai Tomo. There are many pictures and interviews. Tomo is cosplaying as Saint Tail in some of the pictures!

After the seiyuu information section, there is some information on new games and videos that will go on sale in the near future.

Then there is some information about the various seiyuu schools.

There are 4 page articles with monochrome pictures of Kusachi Fumie and Midorikawa Hikaru. (Both are during radio show recordings.)

At the end there are 11 color pages of Gundam X and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars information.

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