Chocolate Kiss Visual Guide Book Charm

Chocolate Kiss Visual Guide Book Charm
ISBN 4-88787-024-8
1700 yen
released 2002.02.14

This book is a strategy and information book for the Playstation game Chocolate Kiss. The voices in this game are done by the girls in the seiyuu group LaLaLu.

The first 46 pages are in color, and introduce the nine main characters in the game.

The next 51 pages are mostly monochrome, and give details on the game system and strategies for winning the game. There is a detailed "diary" of each girl, which gives some hints on how one should answer the questions in the game.

Page 98 gives information on secret presents that can be downloaded from the DigiCube web page.

Pages 99 to 111 are color photo pages of the LaLaLu girls. The first two pages are group photos. Then there is one page per girl. The last two pages have small photos, and gives a history of the group LaLaLu (about their events and such).

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