Weekly and monthly comics (Animal)

The following are some of the Young Animal issues which have seiyuu appearances.

date magazine seiyuu
2019.06.14Young Animal 2019 No.12Komiya Arisa
2018.04.13Young Animal 2018 No.8Mimori Suzuko
2018.03.23Young Animal 2018 No.7Komiya Arisa
2017.10.13Young Animal 2017 No.20Komiya Arisa
2017.02.24Young Animal 2017 No.5Komiya Arisa
2016.10.14Young Animal 2016 No.20Minase Inori
2016.09.23Young Animal 2016 No.19Hanazawa Kana, Kayano Ai, Kuno Misaki

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