Shounen Champion 2011 No.48

Shounen Champion 2011 No.48
on sale 2011.10.26
270 yen

There is a fairly large photo of the seiyuu group Sphere (ե) on the cover of Shounen Champion 2011 issue 48. It's almost half the cover, shared with Ika Musume.

This is a special collaboration issue of Shinryaku Ika Musume and Sphere. Sphere sings the opening song to the current TV anime Shinryaku Ika Musume (second series), High Powered.

There is a 10 page color photo article and a folded pullout poster of Sphere. The Sphere seiyuu are wearing two different outfits. The first one has all the seiyuu wearing white, top and mini skirts. The second outfit has all the seiyuu wearing non-matching, very colorful clothes.

There are many group photos, and also full page individual photos for each seiyuu.

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