Shounen Champion 2014 No. 35

Shounen Champion 2014 No.35
on sale 2014.07.31
270 yen

There is a small photo of Mimori Suzuko () on the cover of Shounen Champion 2014 issue 35.

There is a 6 page color photo collection of Mimori Suzuko. Suzuko is doing the voice of Kotetsu and Akane in the TV anime Maido! Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku.

Suzuko wears four different outfits.

  • T-shirt and short shorts
  • yellow shirt and flower design shorts
  • white top and flower design mini skirt
  • white sleeveless top and purple skirt
Suzuko's 4th single, Seiippai Tsutaetei, goes on sale 8/6.

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