Shounen Champion 2018 No. 17

Shounen Champion 2018 No.17
on sale 2018.03.22
280 yen

There is a photo of the cast of the upcoming TV anime Mahou Shoujo Site on the cover of Shounen Champion 2018 issue 17. Ohno Yuuko (ͮۻ), Akaneya Himika (), Suzuki Aina (ڰ), Serizawa Yuu (߷ͥ), Yamazaki Haruka (Ϥ뤫) are on the cover.

There is a 4 page photo article at the beginning of the magazine. The first page is a full page group shot. The next three pages have a half page photo of each seiyuu. The TV anime Mahou Shoujo Site will begin on 4/6.

There is also a 12 page A5 sized booklet called "Mahou Shoujo Site Special Photo Book" It's all color, and the seiyuu are cosplaying as their characters in their school uniforms and the dog outfits. There are two full pages for each seiyuu.

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