Shounen Sunday 2010 No.52

Shounen Sunday 2010 No.52
on sale 2010.11.24
260 yen

The cover has a photo of Hirano Aya (ʿ).

There is a 6 page all color photo collection of Hirano Aya. There is also a 1 monochrome page interview of Aya, and a color pull-out poster of Aya (around B4 size).

The color photos of Aya were taken at Phuket. There are photos of Aya at a market, Aya riding an elephant, Aya in a boat, and Aya at the beach. There are two pages of Aya in a bikini, and the other photos of Aya have her wearing summer clothes.

There is also a 1 monochrone page interview of Itou Kanae (ƣʷ).

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