Shounen Sunday 2013 No.26

Shounen Sunday 2013 No.26 (2013.06.12)

on sale 2013.05.29
270 yen

There is a small picture of the seiyuu group Sphere (ե) on the lower corner of the cover.

There are three color pages on Sphere, called "Sphere Kangatari". This is the first time that Sphere appeared in the Shounen Sunday photo section.

Sphere sings the opening song to the TV anime "Arata Kangatari", called "Genesis Aria".

There are two full page group photos of Sphere. They are wearing two different outfits.

At the end of the magazine, there are also two monochrome pages, called Sunday anime history. This article has information about the characters that each Sphere seiyuu played in Shounen Sunday related anime. There is a tiny photo of each seiyuu and a small picture of the character.

seiyuu anime character
Kotobuki Minako (ڻ) Tetsuwan Birdy Decode Kitamura Kanae
Takagaki Ayahi () Arata Kangatari Kotoha
Tomatsu Haruka (;) Magi Morgiana
Toyosaki Aki (˭갦) Katte ni Kaizou Saien Suzu

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