Young Jump 2017 Vol.24

Young Jump 2017 Vol.24

2017.05.25 issue
on sale 2017.05.11
350 yen

The seiyuu group Aqours (евепев) is on the cover of Young Jump vol.24.

There is a 11 page photo collection of Aqours. There are 6 pages in the front of the magazine, and 5 pages in the back.

The first 5 pages of the photo collection have the Aqours girls wearing their summer school uniforms.

The 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th pages have the girls wearing their street clothes in a traditional Japanese style room (ryokan) setting.

The last two pages have the Aqours girls wearing white outfits. They are outside, on a beach.

There is also a two page advertisement for the magazine Young Jump Gold, which will also have a photo collection of Aqours. It will also come with an Aqours clear file.

Also they gave out an extra booklet to those who bought this magazine at the Seven Eleven convenience stores. This photo booklet is 8 pages, all color.

There are four pages of the Aqours girls wearing the school uniforms, three pages of the girls wearing the white outfits, and one page in their street clothes.

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