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  • Young Jump 2019 Vol.44

    Young Jump 2019 Vol.44

    2019.10.17 issue
    on sale 2019.10.03
    370 yen

    The cover of Young Jump vol.44 has a large group photo of the nine Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai seiyuu.

    There is a 6 page photo collection at the beginning, and a 4 page photo collection at the end of the magazine. This is the first time the Nijigasaki members appeared in this magazine.

    The first section has the seiyuu wearing street clothes. There are short introductions on all the seiyuu. The second section has the seiyuu wearing their character school outfits.

    The last page (after the 4 page photo collection) is a presents page, and there are large color photos of all nine seiyuu. Signed polaroids of the seiyuu will be given away as presents.

    There is also a two sided pullout poster at the front of the magazine with the seiyuu on one side and the characters on the other.

    The cast of Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai is as follows. They appear in the smartphone game Love Live School Idol Festival All Stars.

    Uehara AyumuOhnishi Aguri
    Nakasu KasumiSagara Mayu
    Ousaka ShizukuMaeda Kaori
    Asaka KarinKubota Miyu
    Miyashita AiMurakami Natsumi
    Konoe KanataKitou Akari
    Yuuki SetsunaKusunoki Tomori
    Emma VerdeSashide Maria
    Tennouji RinaTanaka Chiemi

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