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  • Young Jump 2020 Vol.33-34

    Young Jump 2020 Vol.33-34

    2020.08.06 issue
    on sale 2020.07.16
    380 yen

    The seiyuu group Aquors is on the cover of Young Jump Vol. 33-34.

    At the front of the magazine, there is a 8 page color photo collection of Aqours. They are wearing pajamas in this section.

    The first page has small photos of all nine seiyuu. The next two pages is a large spread with Anju, Shuka, and Ai. The next two pages has Rikako, Aika, and Aina. The next two pages has Kanako, Arisa, and Nanaka. The 8th page has three group photos.

    In the middle of the magazine, there is a 4 page photo collection. The Aqours members are wearing the school uniforms, and there is profile information on all of the seiyuu.

    At the end of the magazine, there is a 4 page photo collection, plus one page of color photos to show the presents. They are wearing white frilly outfits, and are surrounded by balloons.

    There is also a color CD jacket sized pullout on glossy paper for the CD "Fantastic Departure".

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