Young Jump 2022 Vol.26

Young Jump 2022 Vol.26

2022.06.09 issue
on sale 2022.05.26
410 yen

Liyuu (リーユウ) is on the cover of Young Jump vol. 26.

There is a 7 page photo collection of Liyuu at the beginning of the magazine. Liyuu's first photo book "Kodou" (鼓動) went on sale today (5/26), and the photos in this magazine are "other cut" photos. There are 6 large (full page) photos, and 14 small photos. Liyuu had these photos taken in Amami Ohshima, mostly outdoors by the ocean.

The bluray for Liyuu's first concert will go on sale 6/29.

There are 2 making of videos of Liyuu on the Young Jump TV youtube channel, each around 5 minutes.

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