Comptiq 1997 October

NONE コンプティーク No. 175
October 1997

Kadokawa Shoten
750 yen
comes with CD-ROM

The cover has Ayanami Rei and Kirishima Mana (from Evangelion).

There is a lot of game information. Feature articles on Doukyuusei 2, Evanglion Koutetsu no Girl Friend, various ecchi and not so ecchi games.. Also articles on Kaitou Ranma, Ryuuki Denshou 2, To Heart, Tokimeki Memorial, Eberouge Special, and Saber Marionette J.

There is a two page column Pejipaso by Iwao Junko. (Several color pictures.)

There is a one page interview with Nagasaki Moe, about her new single Kaeri Michi. (Three color pictures.)

There is a one page article on Kouda Mariko, with two concert pictures. There is some information about the movie that she will star in, Looking For.

There is a TINY picture of the twelve girls from the Sentimental Graffiti Fineday event. It's a TINY picture, but just about everyone is visible, except Okada Junko. (;_;)

There is a TINY picture of Miyamura Yuko and Iwata Mitsuo from a public recording event. 5000 people attended!

Also this issue of Comptiq comes with a data CD-ROM that can be played on Windows.

The CD-ROM contains the following.

Evanglion Win95
You need around 30 MB to install the demo. But it's just a pretty short animation demo. Nice sounds, nice pictures, nice voices.. but nothing you wanna waste your hard disk for.
Tokimeki Memorial
It just flashes many game screens at you, just Shiori and Saki. (It's one binary with the images inside the executable.)
Leaf Visual novel "To Heart"
Several minutes of screen shots, trying to explain the game. Cutes in school. (18+)
Saber Marionette J
One BMP, two quicktimes, a calendar program, and a mini game.
Slayers Hyper
Two quicktimes, three BMPs, demo program.
Slayers Hyper TV
A demo program, you can choose some of the options.
Slayers Hyper Next
A demo program, you can choose some of the options.
Iwao Junko
Four JPEGs that Junko took (three of Junko, one of Guu-chan)
Desktop no Maid-san "Meifun"
Rolling demo, various pictures of girls in maid outfits.
Voice by Nakagawa Akiko. (I didn't know how to get out of the demo, so I had to reboot.)
Kaitou Ranma
OP avi, with song, and several BMP files.
Doukyuusei 2
Three BMP files.
Doki Doki On Air
Demo of the game. You become a director, choose seiyuu, concept, radio drama, and such. Then the game begins, and you have to do daily things for the radio show.. (make goods, call for a guest, reserve hall for public recording, make the program schedule, etc.) I chose Sakura (Tange Sakura).
Rolling demo of game.
Virtua Fighter 2
I can't get it to play properly on my system.
Eberouge Special
Rolling demo featuring the various characters, with high res pictures.


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