[ef] Chisa Yokoyama Artist Book

ef (Yokoyama Chisa)

2200 yen
released 1996.11.01
size A4, pages 80

This is a photo collection for Yokoyama Chisa (Һ).

[information provided by Joe Petrow]

I won't comment on the pictures; Chisa fans will have to decide for themselves how they feel about those. But one interesting thing about this book is that the majority of it is written in English! Most of it is just a couple sentences on a page, but in one part there is a very interesting two page story in small print about Chisa. It talks about how she fell in love with Lupin III, etc. Best of all, its written in that Japenglish you just can't find in America!

"Voice actors as the crowd of angels. You can see the angel who left the crowd and is about to fly her way. The name of the angel is Chisa Yokoyama. She became an angel to be in love. But she was not just a dreamy angel. Not to conclude her dream as a dream. It is impossible to meet the man who is in moving picture. Nevertheless, she was trying this wish to be achievement in this world. There is no word to call this situation except 'miracle'. Now, Chisa has already achieved this miracle, however, Chisa continues to fly to the unknown sky. Let's watch this new angel Chisa Yokoyama intently."

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